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Is Picqer Mobile available on Android?

The Picqer Mobile app is only available for iOS (Apple devices). However, you can use Picqer in the browser of your phone or tablet. Picqer is completely responsive, which ensures you to use Picqers' features in every web browser.

Why not Android?

The development, maintenance and support of both an iOS as an Android version of the app will cost us about 3 times as much time as just the iOS app.

Moreover, Picqer Mobile is intended for warehouse operations like the order processing and the purchase order process. Most customers specifically purchase iPod touches and barcode scanners for use in the warehouse. The costs of an Android device including barcode scanner is similair. To that end there is no price advantage.

Therefore, we currently focus purely on Picqer mobil for iOS, including full support for iPOD touches and the Honeywell barcode scanner.