PakjeGemak MyParcel integration

Within MyParcel you can make use of PostNL’s PakjeGemak. These are store pick up points and day and time shipments within the Netherlands.

If an order within Picqer has PakjeGemak data then Picqer will automatically use it to create a PakjeGemak shipment. You do not need to set anything in the MyParcel service. If no PakjeGemak data is known a normal shipment will be created according to the settings of you're shipping profile.

The options such as 'send package uninsured', 'send package insured' and 'send large package with insurance' that are set in the profile, are also used for packageGemak shipments.

You can integrate PakjeGemak within Magento 1, Lightspeed and the Picqer API. Magento 2 is currently not supported. Together with the company TIG we are busy completing the Magento 2 extension.

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