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Client portal howto for users

If your supplier uses Picqer, you can log on to the customer portal. You will see the assortment of the products and the current stock. You can place orders in the portal directly.

In order to use the customer portal, your supplier has to make you an account. You can’t do it yourself. You will receive a user name, a password and a web address so you can log on to the customer portal.


Once you are logged on, you will see the dashboard. The dashboard is the homepage of the portal. If your supplier wants to give you more information, he/she will place it here. You see his greeting and / or explanation before you can use the portal.

At the left side you see the menu with the following options:

  • Products
  • Orders
  • Backorders
  • Current order
  • Sign Out

In the left bottom you see the current order.


At the tab or heading ‘Products’ you can see the product catalog, made available by the supplier. That can be all products, or a selection of the products of the supplier. Can you not find the product you are looking for? Please contact the supplier.

You can browse through the products and use the search function. If you click on a product, you will see the details of the product. Depending on what the supplier you have entered, you will see the product information, the photos, the price and the stock of the product.

Form the product page or the product list, you can place products directly into your current order. The green check mark with the number, indicates whether and how much of that product already in your current order.


At the tab of heading ‘Orders’ you can find the previous orders. These are both orders that you have placed on the portal as orders entered in Picqer by your supplier. If you click through to the details of an order, you can also see what products are exactly in which order and which have been delivered.


The backorders are (orders of) products that are ordered before, but they are not in stock at the moment. The supplier will make a reservation for you and will deliver the products as soon as they are in stock in the warehouse.

Current order

You can directly place orders in the customer portal. The advantage is that you can see immediately whether the products are in stock and that you are sure you are ordering the right product immediately. The supplier only needs to check the order.

Ordering products works the same in the portal as ordering products in a webshop. You will place all products in the current order. Once all the products are in the current order, you can finish the order and it will be placed. You can give some extra information or comment(s) for the supplier. Also you can indicate where the order has to be delivered.

Log out

Once you are finished, you can log out yourself. Other people can’t see your orders and other information. The products that are still in your current order remain (there), until your next visit.

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