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New: the Picqer stock counting app

With pride we introduce a new app! With this new Picqer Mobile app you can quickly and easily count your stock.

By counting your stock in calm moments, you are ensured that your stock is correct at the moments it's busy. Now you are able to spend every calm moment in your warehouse useful by checking your stock.

How does it work?

Manual mode

There are two ways to count your stock. The first way is the manual mode. With the manual mode you decide yourself which product you want to count by scanning the product barcode. To do this, we support the same Honeywell scanners as we do with our current app. Of course it is also possible to search for a product by name.

When you scan a product, you see the amount that should be on the shelf according to Picqer. With a simple tap you confirm the amount or adjust it by clicking the plus or minus button.

Guided mode

Through the guided mode the app tells you which product to count. This is the easiest way to make sure that your stock is always counted: the app ensures that you count your assortment as effective as possible.

Two apps

You probably already know the current blue Picqer app in which you can process picklists, receive purchase orders and adjust your stock. You can keep using the app for these features. The new app has a purple icon which you can install besides the current app.

Huidige Picqer app    New Picqer app

Try it out

You can download the new Picqer Mobile app in the App Store and use it on iPhone, iPod Touch and even on iPad.

Download the app

Give us feedback

The first version of the app is as simple as possible and will be expanded over time. That’s why we would love to hear from you what you think about the app and what we can improve.