Picqer API

Picqer API Documentatie is enkel beschikaar in het Engels.

All Picqer users have access to the Picqer API to extend the use of Picqer even further. The API is based on the latest best practices for API's: RESTful and data formatting in JSON.

All data and almost all actions that can be done in the Picqer app, can also be done with the API. Giving you full freedom.

Picqer API: a joy to work with

We are dedicated to make the Picqer API a joy to work with as a developer. That means: extended documentation, full and free support (also for developers who are no direct clients), very fast API responses and high rate limits.

Do you need extra methods in our API? Please let us know.

All developers can get a free Picqer account for testing purposes. Feel free to contact us to activate your testing account.


We extend the API regularly and you can keep track of the changes in our changelog.

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