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The busiest days of 2017

First of all, we wish you a healthy and successful 2018!

We like making up the balance for 2017: What were the busiest days of that year?

Almost every week the Monday is the busiest day. This is clearly visible in the list below: 5 of the 6 busiest days were Mondays.

The busiest day of 2017 was Cyber Monday on 27 November. In 2016 Black Friday was the most busiest day.

Top 6

See below the 6 most busiest days of 2017, of all Picqer users together:

Day Date Amount of orders
Cyber Monday 27 November
Black Friday 24 November
Monday 18 December
Monday 4 December
Monday 13 November
Monday 20 November
Average day 2017
Average day 2016
Busiest day 2016

Growth 2017

You can also see in comparison with 2016 the growth we experienced in 2017. Thanks to the new webshops that started using Picqer and the growth of our existing customers, we have processed three times as many orders in 2017. We expect even more growth in orders for 2018 and we are continuously working on to prepare our platform for this future growth.