Picking & Shipping

Picking, packing and shipping orders is the most time consuming task of an e-commerce warehouse. And mistakes made in this process have the biggest impact on customer satisfaction. That is why this gets our most attention. Every minute per order we can let you save, gives you hours of time back.

Guiding you

Picqer guides you through the process of picking, packing and shipping your orders. We give you a clear overview of all the orders that needs to be shipped and give you smart tools to handle them as fast as possible. And with every order you pick Picqer will show you which products you need and where they are in your warehouse.

Working with batches

The bigger your warehouse, the more you walk. Order pickers generally walk for 60-80% of their workday. That is why you can work in batches with Picqer, that way you can pick lots of orders at once.

For example, Picqer can create a batch for 12 orders on 1 picking list ordered based on the ideal route through your warehouse. With only one efficient walk through the warehouse, you picked 12 orders. Of course you can tell Picqer how many orders you can handle at once.

Singles picking

Only in Picqer: Singles Picking. Picqer will go through all orders and collect those that contain only 1 order line and put them in 1 big list. You can now pick all these products very fast and ones you scan a product, Picqer will create the right shipping label for you.

For an average webshop 60-70% of all orders are 'singles': they contain only 1 order line. And with Picqer's Singles you pick them twice as fast.

Prevent mistakes with barcode scanners

How much money and time does it cost if you ship the wrong product to a customer? In most cases: a lot. That is why in most cases it is recommended to scan all outgoing products with a barcode scanner.

With Picqer, scanning products is fast and easy. And we support basically all barcode scanners. Scanning products eliminates most mistakes in warehouse operations, and that lowers cost and increases customer satisfaction.

Picqer Mobile

Picqer Mobile is our handheld terminal to use in your warehouse. And of course no expensive Windows-based terminals, a modern one. Picqer Mobile is a iOS app, which can be used on iPhones or iPod touches with a real barcode scanner. Just like in the Apple Stores.

Picqer Mobile enables you to work totally paperless, while working faster and real time.

The use of Picqer Mobile is included in all our plans without additional costs.

Automatic shipping labels

Connect your carrier directly with Picqer and create shipping labels directly from within Picqer. No need to re-enter any information. We can even auto-select the right carrier if you use multiple ones.

And with Picqer you can create and print shipping labels literally with 1 click. We will create the shipping label at your carrier, automatically print the label on the right printer, send your customer a shipment notification and let the webshop know the order is shipped.

For the US we have integration with Shippo and for Europe we integrate with Sendcloud, PostNL and more.

Easy-to-use times 2

The complete picking and shipping process in Picqer is very easy-to-use. Ideal when you have new staff coming in regularly. Just explain Picqer in just 1 minute and they are ready to ship their first order.