Online Inventory Management

When you have a few products in your assortment and a couple of orders a day, inventory management is easy. But when you receive more then 25 orders a day, you really need a smart system to manage your inventory. Picqer is that smart system that gives you control over your inventory.

Realtime inventory levels

What is worse then a product that is out-of-stock? An out-of-stock product, while you told your customer you got plenty...

Picqer eliminates that for you. Your inventory is automatically tracked with every shipment and every purchase. Picqer syncs stock levels realtime with all your connected sales channels and stores a detailed history of every stock change.

Real stock, and free stock

Ecommerce platforms only track your 'free stock', that is how many products are available for sales. But Picqer knows a lot more about your inventory. That is why Picqer can show you exactly how many products are in your warehouse right now, how many products are reserved for which customers, and how many products are available for sales. We also keep track of incoming inventory that is almost ready for sale.

This gives you more insights about your current inventory and makes it easier to make decisions.

Warehouse inventory details in Picqer

Every stock-change recorded

Another advantage of precision inventory management, is that every stock change is recorded and saved forever. Every product starts with a stock of 0. And from that starting point Picqer registers every single stock change, including which user made the change, and why. That makes it a lot easier to resolve anomalies later on.

Precision inventory management

Always available in the cloud

Picqer is 'software as a service'. That means that you don't need to pay for Picqer upfront, you don't need to install and manage it and there is also no need for backups. We will take care of everything. You just pay a fixed monthly fee, and you get access to the latest version of Picqer, no matter where you are. Guaranteed worry-free.

Sync your stock levels to anywhere

Once you are using Picqer, you now have a centralised location that exactly knows which products are in stock. That makes it really easy to expose that information to other systems. Of course we sync this information with all your connected ecommerce platforms and market places, but you can also get realtime push-notifications from our API integrate realtime stock levels in every system you have.

Multiple warehouses

Do you operate in multiple warehouses? You can manage them all from within 1 Picqer account. Picqer manages the inventory of every warehouse separately and divides new orders in a smart way over your warehouses with AutoSplit.


Can your customers buy products that are not in stock yet? Picqer keeps track of these "backorders" for you. Once new inventory arrives, Picqer will automatically lets you know which orders need to be shipped.