Easy plans for every size.

We scale with your e-commerce business.


Do you ship over 50 orders a day? Take control over your warehouse.

  • Includes 3,000 orders per month
  • + All Picqer features
  • + Free unlimited support
  • + Unlimited users and webshops
349 /month
€ 0,25 per additional order


More than 200 orders a day? Let your team work together perfectly.

  • Includes 7,500 orders per month
  • + All Picqer features
  • + Free unlimited support
  • + Unlimited users and webshops
749 /month
€ 0,20 per additional order


From 500 orders a day you will love our batch processing.

  • Includes 15,000 orders per month
  • + All Picqer features
  • + Free unlimited support
  • + Unlimited users and webshops
1,249 /month
€ 0,15 per additional order
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Over 20,000 orders?

You are most welcome! We have scales up to 150,000 orders per month. We would like to learn more about you so we can select the best package for you.

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Want to talk in-depth about your warehouse or want to understand how Picqer can fit in your warehouse?

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All plans include

Webshop integrations

Integrate the most popular eCommerce platforms within minutes. We support: Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify, Lightspeed eCom and more.

Shipping integrations

Integration with 10+ shipping providers and brokers like Shippo, Sendcloud and PostNL.

Fanatic Support

Our team is always stand-by to help you get the most out of Picqer. Unlimited support is always included.

Picqer Mobile iOS App

No paper needed. Ship orders and process inbound with the Picqer Mobile iOS App.

Purchase Order Management

No more guessing when creating purchase orders: let Picqer tell you what products needs to be purchased. And track them with ease.

Returns Management

Some orders will be returned. Picqer makes it easy to track and process them.

Secure in the cloud

No need to worry about servers, speed, backups or security. We manage everything for you. Picqer is available from everywhere.

Automatic Printing

You will not see a printing dialog anymore. Picqer sends packing lists and shipping labels to your printers automagically.

API Access

Use third-party add-ons or build your own on the modern Picqer API.

And many more, all to help you ship orders fast and without making mistakes.

Join thousands of daily Picqer users

“Without Picqer, we certainly would need at least 6 or 7 extra staffers in the warehouse.”

– Koen Ducarmon, Boozyshop

“The investment in Picqer really pays off. I always say to other ecommerce owners: if you are doubting, you are already too late.”

– Ruud van Basten, Shops4youonline

Frequently asked questions

How does a demonstration work?

During an online demonstration with one of our team members we show you how Picqer works. Here we find out what Picqer can add to your warehouse. A demonstration takes about 30 minutes.

After the demonstration you receive a trail account for 14 days in which you can use Picqer for free.

How does the trial period work?

Try Picqer for 14 days, free of charge. You can link your webshops and give Picqer a proper test run. After that you decide if you want to continue using Picqer.

For whom is Picqer?

Picqer is focused on webshops that operate their own warehouse. You ship the products the same way you received them (no assemblies). Ideal operations size for Picqer is between 20 and 2000 orders a day.

Can I get an account without a demonstration?

We would like to give you a short demonstration to find out how Picqer fits best in your warehouse. If you want to use Picqer directly, start your trail account here.

How long does it take to set up Picqer?

In 1 day you can set up and use Picqer. On average, we see that warehouses need 1 to 2 weeks of preparation, for example for purchasing printers and to count all inventory.

Is it easy to cancel my account?

We hope that you enjoy Picqer and choose to stay, but ofcourse it is possible to cancel your Picqer subscription at any moment. You will not receive new invoices and you can keep using Picqer till the end of your current period.

How can I pay?

We accept credit cards or European direct debit. Invoices are collected automatically during your subscription.

Can I switch between the plans?

You can switch to bigger or smaller plans at every moment. Upgrades will be done directly, downgrades after your current period.

I have more questions!

We are always happy to help with any questions you have. Just mail or call us and we will answer them right away.

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