This is what our users say about us

Hundreds of webshops use Picqer for their warehouse.
This is what they say about us.


Picqer Fulfilment is a fast, simple and fresh system in which we can do a lot ourselves. It now forms the backbone of our logistics processes.

– Ruben de Jager, VASCO-fulfilment

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There is now a good flow in our warehouse. We can trace all orders quickly and our error margins have become much smaller. With Picqer, one employee can do the work of four to five employees.

– Nick van Klinken,

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Everyone is able to work easy and effectively with this system. When we have a question we contact Picqer, and almost instantly we get a solution or answer.

– Rob Canter, Nutcrackers

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If we had used Picqer three years earlier, it would've saved us a lot of man power, mistakes and we would've had more peace in our company. The stock is now managed better, the customer gets what is ordered and our employee costs are lower.

– Willem Bontrup,

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Thanks to Picqer we did not shipped an order too late after we moved to a new location. Without Picqer I could not have done that. And with the Picqer Purchasing feature alone, we save hours a week.

– Sonja Kastermans,

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Before we started using Picqer, our warehouse operators shipped 7 orders per hour. After weeks of using Picqer that went up to 25 per hour. And now I have constant insight in the stock levels of every product. It all became more clear, more efficient and way better for our customers.

The investment in Picqer really pays off. I always say to other ecommerce owners: if you are doubting, you are already too late.

– Ruud van Basten, Shops4youonline

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I directly knew that Picqer would save us lots of time and money. The faster we can pick and ship an order, the lower the costs per order.

Without Picqer, we certainly would need at least 6 or 7 extra staffers in the warehouse.

– Koen Ducarmon, Boozyshop

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Bak het Zelf

Picqer gave me the feeling it was made for me. With Picqer I can read and write it, and even explain it to others. It can't be easier! If I can do it, everyone can!

– Tamara van de Pol, Bak het Zelf

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Little Label

Other vendors calculated months for implementation, but not Picqer. They thought we would get it up and running within a day. This platform is so easy to use. We reserved a full day for the initial implementation, but we were finshed at lunch-time. The ease of use of Picqer was such a relief for us.

– Astrid Arts, Little Label

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ACES Direct

Picqer shines in ease-of-use and flexibility. That is true for their application as well as for their support. If other companies ask us if they should use Picqer as well, we say: GO FOR IT!

– Bram Sauer, ACES Direct

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On our webshops we communicate 'order before 1 pm, shipped the same day'. It is because of Picqer we can deliver after this promise.

– Patrick Peskens,

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Managing our own warehouse is easy thanks to the reliable and easy to use software from Picqer. The team listens to its users and keeps adding new features and improvements. Can definitely recommend!

– Rogier van Willigen,

Picqer gives us the ability to run our warehouse efficiently: we cannot do it without them. Picqer is easy to use, quick and reliable. And the Picqer team is always ready to deliver perfect support and they keep improving their already fantastic product.

– Rob Kuipers,