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September 21, 2017

Improvements to purchasing and smart purchase advice

Picqer's Meet & Grill event last week was a great success. With more than 100 customers and partners it was a relax event with a lot of knowledge sharing.

And like we presented at the event, we launched a lot of improvements to everything related to purchasing, including a new Smart Purchase Advice.

Purchasing: everybody uses it

In addition to orders and picklists, purchasing is the most widely used module. And after improvements to picklists, orders and returns, it was time for improvements for purchasing. We've reviewed the entire purchasing process from front to back, and noted where we can make your work easier.

We have reviewed all the suggestions you have made about purchasing and interviewed different users to get the best picture of possible improvements.

Purchase orders

We've expanded the purchase orders with a few tools to make your work easier:

Order of expected delivery

Purchase orders order of entry

Purchase orders are in order of expected delivery, where we indicate which orders are too late. This makes it easier for you to check on your supplier's promises and find out before customers are calling in.

Suppliers requirements

Suppliers requirements when purchasing

Suppliers can have many requirements for your purchase orders. For example, a minimum order amount, minimum quantities per product or purchasing with specific packaging units. Picqer keeps an eye on these requirements so you do not have to worry about it anymore.

Delivery date per product

Expected delivery date per product

A highly demanded feature: Specify expected delivery date per product. Apart from the general delivery date of a purchase order, you can overwrite it by product. For example, if some products are not in stock at your supplier and will be delivered later.

Purchased-by line

Who purchased this order?

At the bottom of a purchase order, you can see which user has purchased the purchase order and at what moment.

Register receipt

When registering the receipt, we have made improvements to make this process easier in your warehouse.

Ontvangst registreren

  • You'll see more information about the products so you know better if you've received the right product.
  • With the check mark, you can instantly report the entire amount received, just as you can do with picklists.
  • If you scan a product with the barcode scanner, the page will scroll to that product and we'll highlight the product. This shows you easier how much you should receive and what the stock location is.
  • If not all products have a barcode, you can indicate for specific products that you want to print barcode labels.
  • After receipt, you can also print product labels of all products received.
  • And beside the put-away-list as PDF you can also download it as Excel.

Purchasing Advice

For Purchase Advice we started with a blank sheet and looked carefully at how you use the purchase advice. Many of you trust the advice given by Picqer, hence we have reduced the amount of information on the advice to make it more peaceful. Want to know why Picqer recommends a product to buy? Click Details and you'll see the underlying numbers.

Purchase Advice

The bottom bar always shows how many products you will buy and for what amount. Want to buy a lower amount? Then you can check the checkboxes out of the products you want to skip for now. The bar at the bottom and the top of the table always remain in sight to make it easier to work with large purchases.

Add purchase advice to existing purchase order

As soon as you convert a purchase advice into a purchase order, Picqer checks if there is a purchase order available for this supplier. If so, you can also add the advice to an existing purchase order.

Purchasing strategy

Purchasing strategy per product

For products, you can clearly choose "Buy only for backorders" or "Keep in stock". In addition, we have changed the order level: if your order level is 2, we will order the product if the stock is 2 or lower. We've transformed all your products into this new method.

Smart Purchase Advice

But just a new interface for purchase advice is not all yet. We also provide a brand new version of the advice with Smart Purchasing Advice.

With Smart Purchasing Advice, Picqer looks at your sales in the past and gives a forecast of sales in the coming weeks. If we expect you to sell more than you would buy with your order levels, Smart Purchase Advice will advice to buy more so you do not have to say no to your customers.

Smart Purchase Advice

Smart Purchase Advice will get better at recognizing patterns over time to give you the best automated advice.

Directly available

All of these improvements to the whole purchasing process are now available for all Picqer users.

We are very excited to hear about your experiences. Try it out and let us know what you think of it.

August 30, 2017

Integration with Shippo

With the new Shippo integration in Picqer, we give you access to all major international shipping carriers. Just with your own carrier contract.

Shippo logo

About Shippo

Shippo is a shipping technology platform that connects with over 20 major American and global shipping carriers. You can use your own negotiated contracts or use Shippo's discounts for USPS and more. Shippo is founded by two Germans, and are now based in San Francisco.

Connecting Shippo

Shippo is available for all Picqer users as a Shipping Provider. Our Support Center guides you through the Shippo setup process. You can use Shippo next to your current shipping methods.

Shippo costs 5 cents per shipping label created - there are no setup or subscription fees.

Sign up today to ship natively with Shippo, or contact the Shippo team to learn more.

June 6, 2017

New: Returns Management in Picqer

It is a daily activity for all eCommerce businesses: Returns. Handling a return is also more complex then shipping an order. Luckily we make it a lot simpler with Returns Management in Picqer.

With Returns you now have 1 central place of all your returns. Gone are the Excel sheets and post-its. And gone is also all the re-entering information, cause you can create a return from every shipped order with 1-click.

Returns Management details

With Returns you register which products have come back and then you can easily add them back in stock. Is there a replacement article needed? We also made that easy to do.

May 17, 2017

Expected availability date for orders and backorders

"When will my order be shipped?" It is sometimes hard to answer that question when not all products are in stock. But from now on Picqer will figure this out for you. That will make it easier for your customer service to answer such questions.

How does it work?

Per backorder Picqer keeps track of the expected date that this product will be in stock again. This is based on the purchase orders that are expected to come in. From the purchase orders we take the expected delivery date that you provided yourself.

This availability date is now shown in all backorder overviews:

Expected availability date for backorders

In the details of the backorder you can see which purchase order provides the products for this backorder:

Expected availability date for backorder

Per order

Based on the expected dates from the backorders, Picqer will calculate the date that the whole order is in stock and ready to ship.

When Picqer has that information, it will be shown in the order above the products:

Expected availability date for orders

Why 'expected'?

Backorders and purchase orders can be edited in Picqer. When you change the priority of the backorders, or a purchase order will be delivered earlier or later, the expected date changes accordingly.

May 16, 2017

Picqer Mobile 1.7

A month since the last release, we now present to you version 1.7 of the Picqer Mobile app. Picqer Mobile is our iOS app to use in your warebouse.

We re-did the shipment creation screen. We made it faster and easier to create new shipments and you can also directly change the weight of the shipment from the app.

Picqer Mobile 1.7 screenshots

Besides that, this release contains mostly big improvements to the code, so we can add new functionality more easily in the future. We also did a lot of small tweaks throughout the app when we updated the code. Maybe you will spot a few.

Version 1.7 is now available in the App Store.