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November 17, 2020

New in our team: Erik & Kim

Over the past few months, four new team members have joined Picqer. Today we would like to introduce you to Erik and Kim. 

Erik de Vries

Hi, I'm Erik and in April I started at Picqer as Interaction Designer. I'm going to dedicate myself to making Picqer an even finer and more beautiful product.

Erik is our new interaction designer

The past 8 years I have worked at a (now) large e-commerce company where I have fulfilled several roles. Besides my work as a front-end developer I laid the foundation for the current online marketing department. In the past 4 years I was manager of the development team where I also learned a lot about back-end development.

About a year ago I met Picqer during my time at my previous employer when we decided to further expand our own warehouse software. At that time Picqer already seemed like a nice company to be part of. With the vacancy "Interaction Designer" I didn't have to think long before I knew I wanted to apply.

Together with my girlfriend and our children Saar (3) and Sam (1) I live in Arnhem. In my spare time we do fun things with the kids, I like to go out for dinner, drink a beer with friends, work in the garden (when the weather is nice) and I like to be busy with small design/development hobby projects.

I am looking forward to working with the whole team of Picqer to create the best software for webshop warehouses!

Kim Kneepkens

Hi, my name is Kim Kneepkens and I have been working at Picqer since April 1st in the role of Account Executive. I look forward to advising and guiding our potential customers in their choice for Picqer.

Kim is our new account executive

After studying Commercial Economics at the Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen, I have always had commercial roles in which I advised organizations on the use of specific software for different industries. The last five years this mainly concerned access control and attendance registration. At first I took on the organization of trade fairs , events, a bit of marketing and lead generation. In the last year I worked on the implementation of software for various organizations.

In recent years I have been introduced to many different organizations. But not with webshops. (Except for shopping, in which you can call me a star...!). This in contrast to my colleagues here, who have a lot of knowledge and experience in this field. I think it would be great to get to know their knowledge as soon as possible so I can advise webshops optimally. Picqer attracted me very much because they have their software so well done and have such a clear picture of what they want with the company. I am happy to be a part of this now!

Besides work I am also the mother of a daughter Elin (almost 7) and a son Bruis (4). Together with them and my boyfriend René I live in Arnhem. I like to socialize with friends and girlfriends. Besides that I'm more and more busy with healthy food, I like sports (but I don't do that enough) and I like to be creative, especially at home.

I hope to talk to you soon to tell you more about Picqer!

November 11, 2020

New in Picqer: ABC Analysis

Today we launch something new: the ABC analysis. With the ABC analysis Picqer helps you to efficiently set up your warehouse layout.

ABC Analysis

The ABC analysis looks at which products you pick the most and gives them an A, B or C label. Using these labels you can place products at the right location in your warehouse. This way you save time during picking.

Most frequently picked products

For most webshops, 80% of your pickings are for only 20% of your products. It is therefore important that these products are easily accessible so you don't have to walk as much. That's why we added the ABC analysis to Picqer. This way you can easily see which products you pick most often.

How does it work?

The ABC analysis looks at how often products have been picked in the past 28 days and uses this to label the products:

  • A label: 5% most picked products
  • B label: 15% of the products after
  • C label: the remaining 80%

Every week the ABC analysis is calculated automatically. In several places you can see which label a product has, including on the product page, in the products export and while receiving purchase.

ABC Analysis

ABC warehouse setup

By setting up your warehouse according to the ABC labels, you save time during picking. Put the A products you pick the most in the best locations. This prevents you from having to walk far to pick these products. The B label products you put on easily accessible locations and the C products, which you don't pick often, on the other locations.

Do you want to know more about the ABC analysis? On this support page you find all the details about this new functionality.

November 10, 2020

Linea Pro scanners in mobile Picqer apps

In the Picqer app and stock counting app it is possible to use a Honeywell Captuvo barcode scanner. Lately the Honeywell Captuvo is poorly available, this is why we have found a better alternative for scanning products with the Picqer app. For good availability we have purchased the Linea Pro scanner and added it to the Picqer Shop.

Linea Pro versus Honeywell Captuvo

The Linea Pro scanners have a number of advantages over the Honeywell Captuvo scanners. They are a lot sturdier and have a better battery life. In addition, there are more accessories available such as a protective cover and charging station that allows you to charge multiple scanners at the same time.

The Honeywell Captuvo and Linea Pro scanners both have the advantage that you can quickly scan products. Both devices remain compatible in the Picqer app and stock counting app. Do you use a Honeywell Captuvo scanner and are you not completely satisfied? Then a switch to the Linea Pro scanner might be interesting. If you have any questions or doubts about this, please feel free to let support advise you.

An overview of all specific version numbers available for which device can be found on our support page. The Linea Pro scanner is available in our own Picqer Shop.

October 28, 2020

New: Stock per location

The 5th edition of the Picqer Meet & Grill took place in September, this year completely online. Did you miss it? Watch it on Youtube.

Another successful one if you ask us, where we looked back on the past 12 months, enjoyed some snacks and answered your questions during meet the team.

We also launched something new: Stock per location.

Stock per location

Registering stock per location was the most requested suggestion for years. We're proud to launch it.

Of course it works in the Picqer way: easy to use, super powerful in complex situations, and you can easily start using it.

How it works

Until now you could link multiple locations to a product in Picqer, but 1 total stock was kept. With stock per location you can now keep track of the exact stock per product per location.

Do you have stock on multiple locations? Then you see this on the product page:

stock per location

Specific location on picklists

There is a big advantage of stock per location: You only see 1 location on the picklist to pick the products from. Even if the product has multiple stock locations. Picqer reserves the stock on a specific location for your picklist. This way your order pickers don't have to search on which location the product is sufficiently in stock.

If there's no location with sufficient stock, Picqer will show you multiple locations and the amount you need to pick per location.

Bulk locations

We also introduce bulk locations. This allows you to split your stock between picking stock and bulk stock, so you will only be sent to pick locations for picklists. With the restocking advice you make sure your picking stock is always on the right level.

Rolling out in the coming weeks

We will roll out this functionality for all accounts in the coming weeks. Every day some accounts will be converted. We'll let you know through the dashboard and by email when we're converting your account.

Want to know more about stock by location? On these help pages you'll find all the details about the new functionality.

July 28, 2020

Improve your customer service with Belco

Customer service is an important part of your webshop. To give your customer service team direct insight into your warehouse, you can integrate Picqer directly with a customer service tool. For example with Belco, with whom we have a direct integration.

Improved customer service with Belco

Belco makes it easier to give your customers a great customer service experience. Belco ensures that your customer can always reach you directly via live chat, telephone, email and social messaging.

The importance of good customer service

You want to create the best possible customer experience for your webshop. But no matter how good your webshop is, your customer service is always called upon.

Do you treat customer questions well? Then the positive word is spread which gives you more orders. Do you make the customer feel sour? Then a bad review can negatively influence the purchase decision of future customers. 71% of online shoppers read reviews before purchasing. Therefore it's important to pay attention to your customer service.

Questions about your warehouse

Many questions from customers are about your warehouse. Is the product still in stock? Has my order been shipped? When customer service has direct access to this information, they answer these questions faster and more accurately.

Belco customer service for e-commerce

Belco is modern customer service software for e-commerce, where all communication takes place in one place. Belco offers you live chat, social messaging, telephone and email. You will receive them all in one inbox. And you can easily work with your colleagues.

Belco overview with Picqer

When a customer contacts you, you immediately see all the information from your webshop about what has been ordered, the contents of the shopping cart and contact history. Connect Picqer to Belco and you will also gain insight into the status of orders and returns. This allows you to answer your customer's questions faster and improve the customer experience.

You can integrate Belco to Picqer in just a few minutes. Follow the steps on the Belco support page.