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July 28, 2020

Improve your customer service with Belco

Customer service is an important part of your webshop. To give your customer service team direct insight into your warehouse, you can integrate Picqer directly with a customer service tool. For example with Belco, with whom we have a direct integration.

Improved customer service with Belco

Belco makes it easier to give your customers a great customer service experience. Belco ensures that your customer can always reach you directly via live chat, telephone, email and social messaging.

The importance of good customer service

You want to create the best possible customer experience for your webshop. But no matter how good your webshop is, your customer service is always called upon.

Do you treat customer questions well? Then the positive word is spread which gives you more orders. Do you make the customer feel sour? Then a bad review can negatively influence the purchase decision of future customers. 71% of online shoppers read reviews before purchasing. Therefore it's important to pay attention to your customer service.

Questions about your warehouse

Many questions from customers are about your warehouse. Is the product still in stock? Has my order been shipped? When customer service has direct access to this information, they answer these questions faster and more accurately.

Belco customer service for e-commerce

Belco is modern customer service software for e-commerce, where all communication takes place in one place. Belco offers you live chat, social messaging, telephone and email. You will receive them all in one inbox. And you can easily work with your colleagues.

Belco overview with Picqer

When a customer contacts you, you immediately see all the information from your webshop about what has been ordered, the contents of the shopping cart and contact history. Connect Picqer to Belco and you will also gain insight into the status of orders and returns. This allows you to answer your customer's questions faster and improve the customer experience.

You can integrate Belco to Picqer in just a few minutes. Follow the steps on the Belco support page.

May 26, 2020

Shopware 6 integration in beta

Today we launch our Shopware 6 integration.

Last year, we launched our Shopware 5 integration which many customers now use today. Version 6 is the logical choice for new webshops now that Shopware 6 is maturing.

Use Picqer for your Shopware shop

Integrate Picqer to Shopware 6

You integrate your Shopware 6 shop easily with Picqer. Read our Shopware 6 support page for step by step instructions on how you integrate Picqer with Shopware.

In beta

In Shopware 6 we support the same functionalities as in Shopware 5. Because we have not yet imported orders in practice for all situations, we are launching the integration as beta. During this beta, we keep a close eye on new webshops for unexpected situations.

April 23, 2020

Fietskoeriers.nl integration

Fietskoeriers.nl delivers packages by bicycle in 30+ Dutch cities. You can now create shipping labels directly in Picqer for Fietskoeriers.nl.

Fietskoeriers.nl integration for Picqer

About Fietskoeriers.nl

Fietskoeriers.nl is a platform of Cyclone. It is the first and only parcel delivery by bicycle service that delivers throughout the Netherlands. Their goal is to limit traffic and CO2 emissions. More than 700 bicycle couriers deliver packages from 25 hubs between 6 pm and 10 pm. Fietskoeriers.nl also collects parcels sustainably, for example with green gas delivery vehicles.

Shipping products

With the integration, Fietskoeriers.nl allows you to send letterbox packages and parcels with dimensions up to 60 x 60 x 40 cm in size and 10 kg in weight. By default you will receive a GPS-stamp on delivery (proof of location and time) and you can choose extra services such as Extra Secure shipping, do not deliver to neighbours and signature for receipt.

Start today

If you're not using Fietskoeriers.nl yet but do want your packages delivered sustainably by bike, please contact Fietskoeriers.nl.

Already a customer and ready to integrate? Follow these steps to create labels directly from Fietskoeriers.nl in Picqer.

April 15, 2020

DHL Parcel integration

From now on you can connect Picqer directly with DHL Parcel. The integration was developed by the DHL team at the beginning of this year and has been successfully used by dozens of customers in recent months.

DHL integration for Picqer

About DHL Parcel

DHL Parcel is the Dutch branch of DHL, the largest parcel carrier in the world. In the Netherlands, DHL has 16 sorting centers, 3,000 service points and 7,000 employees.

Supported products

With the integration you can send letterbox packages and parcels throughout Europe and choose from additional services such as evening delivery, insured shipping and more. European pallet shipments were also added to the integration this week.

With Rules you can automatically choose the right shipping profiles and delivery options based on the content of the order.

Start today

To use the integration you only need your own DHL Parcel contract and an account on My DHL Parcel. Not a DHL customer yet? Then you can register here as a business DHL customer.

Ready to integrate? Follow these steps and you can create DHL labels directly within Picqer.

April 7, 2020

New: PostNL International letterbox packages

Due to changes in international rules, it is mandatory to have a label with barcode on international letterbox packages. To support this, we have added four new PostNL shipping products

PostNL International letterbox packages

International letterbox packages for shipping products

The four new shipping products that we have added for international letterbox packages are:

  • 6440 - International Priority letterbox package (Untracked)
  • 6405 - International Priority Package (Untracked)
  • 6350 - International Priority Package (Tracked)
  • 6906 - International Priority Package Extra (Registered)

How do I use the shipping products?

The shipping products are part of the 'Special products'. This can be set when you create a PostNL parcel service. When adding a shipping profile, the shipping products can be selected. Do you need more help? View our support page (Dutch).

The shipping products do not require additional contractual agreements with PostNL, these are available to all PostNL customers.