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March 23, 2020

How we work during the coronavirus

Many measures have been taken to contain the coronavirus. We at Picqer also made adjustments to ensure we can continue working as usual. In this blog we explain how we adapted our working method and what you can expect from us in the coming weeks.

Preparing to work remotely

At Picqer it is already common practice to work asynchronously and regularly from home. For example, our support already worked remotely for at least one day a week.

Two weeks ago we went one step further by switching to remote-first working. Hereby we assumed that everyone worked remotely, even if everyone was in the office. This way we prevented spreading and were prepared to now all work from home.


We use various tools to work remote-first. For example, we use Basecamp for all communication about current projects and video calls with Zoom for meetings. We give Picqer demonstrations by video calling and online screen sharing. Of course fun should not be forgotten, so we created a lounge chat in Slack to replace the chats at the coffee counter.

Working from home

On March 12th it was advised to work from home whenever possible. Prepared with the remote-first policy, many of us went home with their desktop screens under their arm. Until advice is given to resume normal working methods, almost all of us work from home.

Our home offices

Support like you’re used to

Because of our preparation and experience with working from home we remain available as usual. This means that we respond quickly to your emails on weekdays from 9 to 5. We will also continue to develop Picqer and launch new functionalities.

For the time being, we no longer organize meetings such as the Picqer Sessions.

We wish everyone lots of health in the weeks to come!

March 17, 2020

Picqer App 1.16 update

Version 1.16 of the Picqer App is now available in the App Store. We fixed some bugs related to the live updates of receipts and we have something new:

Creating picklist batches

From now on you can create new picklist batches directly in the app. We use the batch presets, so you can create a new batch with the push of a button.

In the app, go to Picklists > Batches > Add. Here you choose which preset you want to use to create a new picklist batch. The batch is created immediately and you can start picking.

You can manage batch presets in the browser on the batch presets page.

You find the Picqer app for iOS in the App Store.

February 18, 2020

New: Use your own domains for emails

All emails from Picqer are sent with notifications@picqerapp.com as sender and with the configured e-mail address as reply-to address. This domain is verified by us to ensure that emails are less likely to be marked as spam.

Configure sender domain

Use your own domain

From now on it is possible to add you own verified domain name in Picqer. Picqer will then send emails with your own domain name as sender. The domain will be verified, so the email is less likely to be marked as spam. Verified domains can be used as a sender for emails in templates.

Verify your own domain

Want to get started right away? Check our support page on verifying sender domain.

Sender domains are available for Picqer subscriptions with a limit on orders.

December 19, 2019

New in our team: Bob

Hello everyone, my name is Bob Lurvink and since the 1st of November I am part of the Picqer team. Here I will fulfill the role of Support Specialist.

New in our team: Bob

I once founded one of the world's largest office supplies wholesale webshops. After a huge growth in a very short time, we had to move and I became an assistant manager. Here I learned a lot about warehouse arrangement and how to pick orders efficiently to save time and minimize error margins. A solution like Picqer could have helped us out a great deal, but unfortunately did not exist yet.

In recent years I have worked for a large logistics service provider as Key/Major account advisor. I was the single point of contact for 6 of the largest customers and helped them with any shipment related questions or issues. Because we had daily contact, I built a very good relationship with these customers. Best of all, a few already found Picqer a long time ago and therefore still belong to my customers!

I live in Arnhem with my girlfriend and we love to eat good food and like to do this as often as possible. Cooking or eating out, as long as it is very tasty! I also have a fairly active group of friends. Netflixing and gaming are certainly not to be missed on the list of things I like to do :)

October 8, 2019

Launch of the new receipts

Today we released the new receipts for all users.

We made it available in stages and now everyone has acces to the new receipts.

See what's new:

Picqer app 1.15

We have released version 1.15 for the mobile app to implement the new features. On earlier versions of the app, the receipts will still work as they did before.

Picqer app 1.15 is now available in the App Store.

Support article

Read the support article about receipts to find out all the new features in receipts.