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June 6, 2017

New: Returns Management in Picqer

It is a daily activity for all eCommerce businesses: Returns. Handling a return is also more complex then shipping an order. Luckily we make it a lot simpler with Returns Management in Picqer.

With Returns you now have 1 central place of all your returns. Gone are the Excel sheets and post-its. And gone is also all the re-entering information, cause you can create a return from every shipped order with 1-click.

Returns Management details

With Returns you register which products have come back and then you can easily add them back in stock. Is there a replacement article needed? We also made that easy to do.

May 17, 2017

Expected availability date for orders and backorders

"When will my order be shipped?" It is sometimes hard to answer that question when not all products are in stock. But from now on Picqer will figure this out for you. That will make it easier for your customer service to answer such questions.

How does it work?

Per backorder Picqer keeps track of the expected date that this product will be in stock again. This is based on the purchase orders that are expected to come in. From the purchase orders we take the expected delivery date that you provided yourself.

This availability date is now shown in all backorder overviews:

Expected availability date for backorders

In the details of the backorder you can see which purchase order provides the products for this backorder:

Expected availability date for backorder

Per order

Based on the expected dates from the backorders, Picqer will calculate the date that the whole order is in stock and ready to ship.

When Picqer has that information, it will be shown in the order above the products:

Expected availability date for orders

Why 'expected'?

Backorders and purchase orders can be edited in Picqer. When you change the priority of the backorders, or a purchase order will be delivered earlier or later, the expected date changes accordingly.

May 16, 2017

Picqer Mobile 1.7

A month since the last release, we now present to you version 1.7 of the Picqer Mobile app. Picqer Mobile is our iOS app to use in your warebouse.

We re-did the shipment creation screen. We made it faster and easier to create new shipments and you can also directly change the weight of the shipment from the app.

Picqer Mobile 1.7 screenshots

Besides that, this release contains mostly big improvements to the code, so we can add new functionality more easily in the future. We also did a lot of small tweaks throughout the app when we updated the code. Maybe you will spot a few.

Version 1.7 is now available in the App Store.

April 12, 2017

Picqer Mobile 1.6 released

We have got a nice update of the Picqer Mobile app ready for you. Picqer mobile is our iOS app you can use inside your warehouse.

What's new in this version:

  • insight in the current stock for all warehouses, including stock change history
  • change the stock directly from within the app, to make it easier to do a stock recount or remove a lost product
  • from the products tab, you can now scan a product barcode to view this product's details
  • support for multiple barcodes per product

Picqer Mobile 1.6 screenshots

Version 1.6 is now available in the App Store.

March 3, 2017

New to the team: Tom

Tom van PicqerMy name is Tom Rikken, and this week I started at Picqer as the new Support Guru. In this role I will be the first point of contact for customers calling, mailing or messaging us via social media. It is my challenge to understand our users as good as possible to give the best advise and help with any problems they accounter.

As a extension to my Business, Economy and Law study, I did a masters in Human Resource Management. It is in this study that I grew my interest in logistics and ecommerce. I also have a long time appetite for technology. That is why the choice for Picqer was an easy one.

I hope to improve my technical knowledge in this new job. I am looking forward to working in the Picqer team to become "every day a bit better" and help our users in any way I can.

Next to my job I love cooking, football, movies, technology and traveling. I am looking forward to helping you out and to getting to know you.