Integrate Picqer with everything

With Picqer's API, you can integrate Picqer with every other application. Want to show your inventory on your intranet? Or push orders from your custom webshop to Picqer? It is easy with our modern API.

Unlimited possibilities

All Picqer plans have access to all API features. This includes managing products, orders, picklists, stock levels, purchase orders, shipping information, invoicing information and more.

Public and easy

All documantation about our API is publicly available on We also give all developers whom want to use the Picqer API all the support they need. We also provide examples on our Github page.

We made our API as easy as possible and focused on developer happiness.

Webhooks for real-time updates

With our webhooks, your integrations can get real-time notifications from Picqer when information changes. Like new orders and products, or a new shipment for a picklist. This way you can create real-time interactions and notifications to Picqer's base functionality.