Hardware and robots in your warehouse

Picqer seamlessly integrates with hardware in your warehouse. From barcode scanners to conveyor belts, and from label printers to AutoStore.

Carton sealing machine with Picqer

Picqer grows with you

What makes us unique is that we can truly grow with you. From startup to the Twinkle top 100. You can process 50 orders a day with your laptop and a label printer. And with the same software, you can process 10,000 orders a day. This includes support from hardware and robots such as conveyor belts, goods-to-person systems, and carton folding machines.

Hardware in 3 steps

Introduce hardware and robots in your warehouse in three steps, at your own pace.

Packing table hardware

Packing table hardware

With Picqer, you can do a lot yourself. Start by using the first hardware in your warehouse.

Begin with everything on and around your packing table. Connect label printers for shipping labels, packing slip printers, and barcode scanners yourself in 2 minutes. Start with one label printer and easily grow to dozens of packing tables to work in parallel.

Picqer mobile app

Mobile handheld scanners

Work in real-time and paperless with a mobile computer with a built-in barcode scanner. Use the Picqer App on a mobile handheld scanner from Zebra or Honeywell. This allows everyone to work independently in the warehouse and ensures you meet delivery promises.

With mobile handheld scanners, you can perform many tasks directly in the aisle without needing a fixed computer at a packing table.

Picking robots for beauty products Automated conveyor belts

Mechanization and robots

The final step is implementing mechanization and robots. You can do this effortlessly with Picqer. We and our hardware partners are happy to assist you.

Here are some ideas of what you can integrate with Picqer:

  • Carton sealers and label applicators
    Much time in the warehouse is spent folding boxes and applying shipping labels. For a limited number of box sizes, using a robot for this task is a good first step. A machine can fold and seal your box, then apply a shipping label.
  • Conveyor belts
    Use conveyor belts to bridge longer distances in your warehouse. Based on a barcode on the container or box, it is automatically transported to the correct location. This is useful for picking products in different zones or transporting packed shipments to the dock.
  • Goods-to-person systems (Kardex, AutoStore)
    Save the most time by reducing walking. Goods-to-person systems, or robots that bring products to your order pickers, eliminate the need to walk. They also often save a lot of storage space. These systems are costly to implement and are smart for larger volumes. Well-known systems in this category are Kardex cabinets and AutoStore systems.
  • Picking robots
    Picking robots can independently pick individual products. This currently works well for products the size of a medicine box, such as makeup products.

Want to implement these products in your warehouse? Contact us for tailored advice.


We collaborate with the best internal logistics providers in the Netherlands. Together, we ensure that the hardware works seamlessly with Picqer.

Even if you have your own system integrator, we offer full support during the integration. Please contact us for more information.

Get started with hardware

Interested in using hardware or robots with Picqer but want to explore the possibilities with us first? Let us know, and we’ll find the best path for you together.

  • Advice from warehouse experts
  • Support before and during implementation
  • Direct technical assistance