Process orders
5x faster

Picqer helps you work more calmly, reduce unnecessary walking, eliminate redundant tasks, and get things right the first time. This allows your team to process orders 5x faster without having to rush.

Eliminate unnecessary work

Eliminating unnecessary tasks is the most effective way to work faster. Picqer assists you in all aspects to achieve this.

Never retype anything

Your online stores, customer service software, and shipping services are directly connected with Picqer. This keeps everyone, from colleagues to customers, updated in real-time about the warehouse status.

Automatic selections

With Rules, you can automate business processes in Picqer. For instance, you can automatically select the shipping method based on the delivery country, weight, or contents, or prioritize same-day shipments.

Less walking in the warehouse

Walk less

Order pickers spend 50-80% of their workday walking. Reducing walking time is therefore valuable. By assigning a unique number to each stock location in your warehouse, Picqer helps you walk less. We sort products on each pick list by warehouse location. Knowing where every product is located means no more searching, even for new employees.

Efficient picking with batches

With batches, you can collect multiple orders in one go through your warehouse. This can make picking 5x faster, depending on the type of products you sell and the size of your warehouse. Picqer helps you gather orders as efficiently as possible, without manual settings.

Singles batches

On average, 60% of all e-commerce orders consist of a single product line. Orders with only one product line can be collected very quickly using Singles Batches. This allows you to pick multiple orders containing a single product line at once, saving you a lot of time.

Get it right the first time

Prevention is better than cure, and your warehouse is no different. Avoiding mistakes helps you work faster overall. Picqer supports you in many ways to ensure you get it right the first time.

Always send the right products

With a barcode scanner, you ensure you always send the correct product. Picqer supports the use of barcode scanners in every process. This means your order pickers don't need product knowledge to quickly and accurately send out orders. Any picking errors are immediately detected before the order is shipped.

Simple processes

Picqer simplifies processes so you get everything right the first time. We keep orders that don't have all products in stock out of the picking process, so you never search for items that aren't in your warehouse. We also automatically select the correct shipping method, so you don't have to think about it during packing.

"There is now a good flow in the warehouse. We can quickly track all orders, and the error margins have significantly decreased. Each employee has their own account, the system is easily scalable, and a temporary extra employee can get their own login code and start right away. With Picqer, one employee can do the work of four or five people."

Nick van Klinken,

Work paperless

With our mobile app, you can process orders completely paperlessly. This applies to both batch picking and shipping single orders. You can also handle receiving inventory entirely through the mobile app. This way, you save paper, work faster, and have real-time bookings.

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Peace of mind in your warehouse

The biggest difference we see with our new customers is the peace of mind Picqer brings to their warehouse. This is important because it allows you to work faster, avoid mistakes, and stay in control. Want to know how Picqer can bring peace of mind to your warehouse? Try it yourself or talk to one of our experts.

  • Process orders 5x faster
  • Collaborate better with your team
  • Gain control of your warehouse from one system
  • Easily connect your online stores & tools

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