Automate actions with Rules

Everyone has seen it: a monitor full of sticky notes with tasks such as ‘orders heavier than 15 kilos are picked by John’.

With Picqer that is a thing of the past. With Rules you can automise your workflow. Based on the content of an order or picklist you can have Picqer automatically perform certain actions.

Reduce manual labor

By setting up Rules you create better workflows. You can automatically pick a shipping method or snooze picklists. This saves the warehouse employees a lot of thinking and reduces mistakes.

Picklijst regels

Think less

For every new order or picklist, Picqer checks all your Rules and carries out the necessary actions. An example of an action is assigning a list to a specific user.

This way you have to think even less when processing the picklists.

Automate your workflow up to product level

With rules you can automate your workflow so you no longer have to think for yourself if something extra should happen when a specific product is picked. When you have to send a package to a foreign country a Rule can automatically decide which carrier should be chosen. Or when a certain amount of products are on a picklist, the picklist will automatically be classified as urgent.

Send earlier or later

Picklijst regels

If a customer has chosen Same Day Delivery, you want to process that order as quickly as possible. With Rules you can mark the picklist as 'urgent' and ensure that it is processed immediately in the warehouse.

And sometimes you want to process picklists later, for example if the customer has chosen a later delivery date. With Rules you automatically snooze this picklist so it disappears from your to-do list, and reappears at the right time for processing.

Get creative

There are endless combinations that you can make with Rules. What would you automate?