Multi-channel Order Management

Most eCommerce businesses have multiple sales channels. Multiple different webshops for example, or also selling their products on Retailer. With Picqer's multi-channel order management you get all your orders into one centralized location for easy processing.

Connect all your shops

Connect all the different webshops, ecommerce platforms and sales channels you have. If it's just 1, or 50, Picqer will connect them all. Picqer will show you all your orders in 1 easy overview. There you can see what the origin is from all the orders. We have official integrations with Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify and Lightspeed eCom that you can install within 2 minutes. Other platforms can be integrated with our extended API.

We also connect with marketplaces like the Dutch Retailer market.

B2B Customer Portal

Do you also sell to businesses on a regular basis, as a wholesaler? Give them access to Picqer's Customer Portal. With this mini webshop, you can your customers show your realtime inventory and let them place new orders. They can also see their previous orders and their status.

With the Customer Portal you give your returning customers more information, while saving you time communicating with them.

Manual entry

Of course you can also enter orders manually. With Picqer's easy-to-use interface, you create new orders within a few clicks. Even when you are on the road with your tablet or smartphone. And because you have direct insight in the current inventory levels, you can create the order with confidence. Ones you entered the order, it is directly ready for picking in the warehouse.

Keep your customers informed

Picqer informs your customer by email of the shipped order, including track-and-trace information. We also let the source webshop know, so the webshop can show the customer an up-to-date order status on the web as well.