Purchasing made easy

Without purchasing, no inventory to sell. For a lot of ecommerce businesses the purchasing part of the business is complicated and time-consuming. Hours a week are spend on deciding what to purchase at which supplier. Picqer lets you get that job done in a couple of minutes.

Purchase Advice

Picqer gives you advice about what to purchase per supplier and why. This advice is based on all the information that is available in Picqer, like current stock levels, sales and waiting customers. Purchase advices can be converted to a purchase order and mailed to the supplier with a view simple clicks.

Purchase order management

In Picqer you can track all your purchase orders. Now you have a single place to see what is expected and when it arrives. Picqer also shows you on the product page when a product is back in stock.

Sending PO's to the supplier

Once you created a purchase order, you can easily mail it to your supplier. Right from within Picqer. We include a PDF and Excel of the purchase order and you can include your personal notes.

Registering receipts

When a purchase order arrives at your warehouse, Picqer gives you the tools to easily process it. We show you what products are expected, you check which products have arrived and Picqer notifies waiting orders and all connected webshops. You can even use a barcode scanner to mark products as received or use Picqer Mobile for that.

Picqer will directly show you which orders can be delivered with this receipt.

Advanced purchase advice via partners

Partners can provide even more advanced purchasing advice. For example our integration with Optiply. They give advanced purchasing advice based on machine learning and advanced algorithms.