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Expected availability date for orders and backorders

"When will my order be shipped?" It is sometimes hard to answer that question when not all products are in stock. But from now on Picqer will figure this out for you. That will make it easier for your customer service to answer such questions.

How does it work?

Per backorder Picqer keeps track of the expected date that this product will be in stock again. This is based on the purchase orders that are expected to come in. From the purchase orders we take the expected delivery date that you provided yourself.

This availability date is now shown in all backorder overviews:

Expected availability date for backorders

In the details of the backorder you can see which purchase order provides the products for this backorder:

Expected availability date for backorder

Per order

Based on the expected dates from the backorders, Picqer will calculate the date that the whole order is in stock and ready to ship.

When Picqer has that information, it will be shown in the order above the products:

Expected availability date for orders

Why 'expected'?

Backorders and purchase orders can be edited in Picqer. When you change the priority of the backorders, or a purchase order will be delivered earlier or later, the expected date changes accordingly.