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New in our team: Dirk

Hi! My name is Dirk and I started at Picqer in July. I have the privilege of getting to work on a very broad task. With the support team I am involved in supporting our users and partners, but as a product owner I also actively participate in the development process.

New in our Picqer team: Dirk

I like to approach my work process-wise: how do we get from A to B, and what can we do to make it as fun and effective as possible? Something that Picqer also does, but for your warehouse. A match made in heaven!

In my spare time you will find me outside a lot, I love cycling and I enjoy walking long days with many kilometers on foot. Earlier this year I walked from the Pyrenees to the Atlantic Ocean, and soon I will be walking from Porto to Santiago, Spain, with my girlfriend.

Working in the fast-paced world of software development, e-commerce and logistics is in many respects the total opposite of the total relaxation with digital detox that you experience during a multi-day hike. For me, however, the combination provides a great interaction, and the essence is the same for me: the journey is more important than the destination.