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February update

We are constantly working to improve Picqer and launch several new versions per week. For example, since January 1, we have implemented more than 150 improvements in Picqer. Time to give you an update about what we've added to Picqer in the last few weeks:

Nightly inventory check

Picqer provides real-time stock updates to all your linked webshops. But sometimes the stock in your webshop changes while that is not actually the intention, for example through a plugin or a manual change. The stock for that product will no longer be the same as the stock in Picqer until the stock in Picqer changes.

From now on we check every night the stock of all your products in your webshops and change the stock if it is incorrect. This way mistakes are corrected within a day.

The overnight inventory check is done automatically for all available webshop integrations.

New integrations page

New integrations page Picqer

Due to many integrations in Picqer, it is time for a new way to add integrations. We have made a new integrations page that gives you an overview of all integrations. You now can install them within a few clicks.

Backorders after rollback picklist

If you rollback a picklist, the backorders will automatically get the highest priority. This way the availability of the backorders corresponds to the stock that was available for the picklist.

Snooze at the chosen delivery date

With Rules you can snooze 1, 2 or 3 days before the preferred delivery day that the customer has chosen in the webshop. This allows you to set the picklists to come out only when you have to pack them so that the customer receives the package by the right date.

Export purchase orders

Export purchase orders to ExcelYou can now export purchase orders to Excel. So you can make reports in Excel about your purchases and your suppliers.

Other updates

Some smaller updates that are worth mentioning:

  • At the customers page you can now also see the return picklists
  • The button 'Next open picklist' has become more intelligent and takes into account picklists that have been assigned to you
  • Reports related to sales have become a lot faster and discounts are included in the calculations
  • Connecting a Shopify webshop is now a lot easier
  • With PostNL it is now possible to create shipments with Sunday delivery (only possible in accordance with your account manager)
  • The Bol.com integration has been updated to version 2.1

Do you have questions about one of these updates? Let us know. We are happy to help you get the most out of these new updates.