Case: IT supplier ACES Direct happy with the quick implementation

"Simplicity is the power of Picqer"

In the late summer of 2013, IT supplier ACES Direct created an account on our website so that they could try Picqer's online inventory management software for free. They liked the intuitive approach of our software so much that we were quickly invited by ACES Direct to further explain the added value of our software at their headquarters in Tilburg.

Bram Sauer from ACES Direct:

"When choosing a stock management system, it was paramount that it could be implemented very quickly within our current processes. It was crucial that the system fits in with the existing software and fits our philosophy and budget. The match between the organization behind the software and ACES Direct counted for us and we found all this at Picqer.

In our new 500 m2 warehouse, we keep thousands of items in stock for projects and our customers. With Picqer we have real time insight and overview of the stock, so we can serve our customers even better and expand our services even further. We now also use Picqer for our internal facility supplies. A nice addition is that, because of Picqer, the annual inventory counting which took a lot of time from multiple employees, can now be replaced by short sample counts. This not only provides significant cost savings, but also improves our services to our customers.

Picqer also offers the possibility to link to our own Back Office with their API, so that an integrated system can be created from sales to inventory management.

Picqer distinguishes itself in ease of use and flexibility. This applies to both the application and communication with Picqer. When another company asks us if they should also work with Picqer, we say succinctly: DO!“

Casper Bakker from Picqer:

"We can have Picqer running at a company in a matter of minutes, yet most companies take weeks to actually get started. It was cool for us that ACES Direct picked it up and got on with it so quickly. In a short time the system was set up and used in the new ACES Direct warehouse, proving to us that with Picqer you can really automate your warehouse within one day.

We appreciate the trust we receive from ACES Direct. They believe in us, the product and in its future and are eager to participate. The people at ACES Direct are active in providing feedback on our software, which we use to further optimize the software. That is very valuable."

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ACES Direct is a leading total supplier of IT solutions, IT products and IT services.

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