Case: Sonja Kastermans shows Fietsparadijs warehouse.

"I could not have done it without Picqer”

Fietsparadijs interview

Sonja and Koen Kastermans started calmly with their Fietsparadijs webshops. But when their whole house was full of stock they had to take the next step and move to a new location. "Thanks to Picqer we did not shipped an order too late after we moved to a new location. Without Picqer I could not have done that" says Sonja. She shows us their new warehouse in Beverwijk.

Roos from The Review Company visited Sonja on our behalf for a look behind the scenes.

Home full of stock

In order to serve customers as well as possible, Koen and Sonja wanted to keep their own stock as much as possible. They started the webshops of Fietsparadijs from their own home with stock piling up everywhere, from the living room to the attic. But when even the bedroom was filled with stock, it was time to move into a real warehouse. "We packed orders at the kitchen table.”

Wouter shows Roos how he picks orders Wouter shows Roos how he picks orders Wouter shows Roos how he picks orders

Koen searched for warehouse software, to ensure that after they moved everything was perfect. “In Picqer we found a very well equipped system to keep track of your stock, our inventory locations and make your purchasing easy.”

Moving was easy

"Keeping track of our stock and finding the right product locations were the features we needed Picqer for the most," says Sonja. When we moved to the new location everything went smoothly because we kept all stock locations in Picqer. "We could easily update the locations in Picqer when we moved products. So we always knew exactly which product was where and we could count all stock at once”.

Saving hours a week

Sonja and Roos at the takeaway counter
Sonja and Roos at the takeaway counter

Now a year after they moved to the new location, they are proud of their new warehouse and use many more Picqer features. "The Purchasing feature in Picqer saves us hours a week.” They also use Picqer Mobile to pick batches paperless. In the video Wouter shows how this works.

Fietsparadijs has now 24 Lightspeed and WooCommerce webshops, with Picqer keeping track of the stock. "At the moment that one webshop sells something, Picqer adjusts the stock in all other webshops." This way a customer always knows whether a product is in stock and when they can expect the product at home.

We recommend Picqer

When we ask Sonja if she would recommend Picqer to other webshops she is clear: "Yes, absolutely! The Picqer team is very pleasant to work with and Picqer really saved me a lot of time."

Facts & figures of Fietsparadijs is one of the dozens of webshops of Koen and Sonja. Focused on bikes, such as, and But also and belong to the network of Fietsparadijs.

For the webshops they use different software platforms, such as Lightspeed eCom and WooCommerce, but also offer products at marketplaces such as Plaza.

Fietsparadijs has been using Picqer since June 2016. This interview took place in September 2017.

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