'Picqer distinguishes themselves with their contemporary, online approach.'

"Picqer enables us to deliver on our customers' promise"

In the search of a new warehouse management system for e-commerce company, three aspects were paramount: active stock management, good technical support for the webshops and the strong preference for a WMS in the cloud. Picqer's online inventory management software is the answer in's search.

Patrick Peskens, Operational Manager at

Before we implemented Picqer within, we picked the orders for the webshops entirely manually. A separate Excel sheet was created for each order. This method was very (cost-) inefficient and moreover prone to errors. The switch to an external warehouse was the time for us to fully automate inventory management.

The choice for Picqer

In the range of online stock management software, Picqer really stood out for us because of the easy entry, the relatively low costs and the connection of the software with our processes and existing systems. It is also noticeable that Picqer, in comparison with the established warehouse management systems, is distinguished by its contemporary, online approach. Now that we also experience Picqer in practice, it appears to be very intuitive to use. Without difficult integrations, we were able to run the system between our webshops and the warehouse.

Picqer and our e-commerce company

Picqer is now linked to 13 of our webshops, which run on two webshop systems; Magento and Lightspeed. Examples of the webshops are, and . There is one central stock for all webshops, which is stored in an external warehouse in Amsterdam. offers approximately 400 products online, which are often offered on one, but sometimes also on several of our webshops. In practice, this means that if a chair is ordered on the and it is also offered on, the stock for multiple sites must be updated in real time. Picqer makes this possible. We currently process over 500 orders every month, this number is growing rapidly.

In addition, at we have a lot of backorders and a large number of suppliers. Picqer's software takes all these factors into account and creates an overview for our own organization and for our customers.

Picqer does this for us

In fact, Picqer automates the entire order process of, from the moment the customer places an order via one of our webshops, until the moment this order is shipped. Picqer receives the order, Picqer checks whether the product is in stock and subsequently creates a list for our warehouse so that they know what to pick for the relevant customer. As soon as the order is ready, the order process closes and Picqer adjusts the stock. Because Picqer works in real time, our stock is always transparent, both for ourselves and for our customers, at all 13 webshops.

On our webshops we communicate 'ordered before 1 p.m., delivered tomorrow'. Picqer enables us to deliver on this promise. An online order arrives within 15 minutes at our warehouse.

The addition of Picqer to our processes is crucial. Without human intervention, an order can now be placed in one of the web shops and shipped immediately afterwards. The entire process, both communication and administration, has been automated by Picqer. The efficiency is maximum and the space for errors is minimal. The automation of the process and the fact that our inventory management now takes place in real time, together form the main winning factors that Picqer brings to us.

Casper Bakker, co-founder of Picqer:

The improvements in automation and efficiency that Picqer's online stock management software brings, make the collaboration with the e-commerce company extra valuable. In the first place, because the order processes used to be completely manual through all kinds of Excel sheets. Plus, this involves a large number of webshops on different webshop systems, a large percentage of back orders and stock in an external warehouse.

With the experience, feedback, and ideas that provides to us, our online inventory management software has been further enhanced in multiple ways, something that will benefit all our current and future customers.

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