Collaborate better
with your team

With over 50 orders a day, no one can run a warehouse alone: you need a team. Sharing information with your team is essential for good collaboration. Picqer helps you work better together.

All information in one place

Once more than one person works in your warehouse, the first step is to centralize all knowledge. You want everyone to be aware of all information, not just one person who is the 'know-it-all' of your warehouse.

Accessible to everyone

With Picqer, all your warehouse information is in one central place. This makes it accessible to everyone, even employees in other departments of your company. Picqer makes it easy to track which products are in stock, where they are located in the warehouse, and which orders are waiting to be shipped.

Save time

This gives you more time to focus on innovation, instead of spending the whole day answering questions. New employees can quickly get up to speed because they have immediate access to all the information.

Little Label picking orders simultaneously

Everyone has their own task

To work as efficiently as possible, it’s important to distribute tasks. With Picqer, you can manually and automatically assign orders to your warehouse team. This ensures everyone has their own task and the right person works on each order. This prevents duplicate work and ensures no orders are forgotten.

Assign pick lists

Who does what?

In Picqer, you can easily indicate which pick list you are collecting, so your colleagues know who is working on what. You can also request multiple pick lists from Picqer. You will receive a list of pick lists that need to be sent next, assigned directly to your name so everyone knows who is responsible.

With Rules, you can also automatically assign orders to specific employees. For example, if fragile products are ordered that need extra careful packing. With Rules, no one needs to remember exceptions, as Picqer automatically selects the correct action, preventing errors.

Logbook details

Who did what?

In Picqer, you can see who performed each action. This way, you know exactly who to ask for more information. Picqer shows:

  • Who made each change and movement of inventory
  • Who shipped each order
  • Who ordered and received each purchase order

Share notes digitally

If there's something special about an order or purchase, add a note in Picqer so your whole team is informed. No more need for Post-it notes or internal emails. You can see the notes instantly wherever you work with Picqer.

Give your customer service team access to Picqer so they can also leave notes on orders. This way, it's always clear what needs to be done with an order, reducing the chance of misunderstandings. It's better for both customer service and the warehouse team.

Internal notes on orders
Picking orders at Nutcrackers

"Everyone can work easily and efficiently with this system. We explain it to new employees once, and they can get started right away."

Rob Canter, Nutcrackers

Receive large shipments together

Unpacking, checking, and shelving purchase orders can be quite a task. With Picqer, multiple people can receive shipments simultaneously, each using their own device. This way, you can tackle large purchase orders together as a team.

Collaborating on a large purchase order
User management

Everyone has access

With Picqer, you don’t pay per user. You can create a personal account for each employee at no additional cost. Our advanced rights management lets you set what each user can see and do, giving everyone access to their own domain.

Want to collaborate better?

Do you want to improve collaboration in your warehouse and see how Picqer can help? Try it yourself or talk to one of our experts.

  • Process orders 5x faster
  • Collaborate better with your team
  • Get control of your warehouse from one system
  • Seamlessly integrate online stores & tools

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