Get control of your warehouse
with one system

With Picqer, you have all your warehouse information in one convenient overview. Connect all your sales channels and tools to Picqer, and information is shared in real-time across all departments in your company. This ensures you always have control over your warehouse.

Everything in one tool

With Picqer, all your warehouse information is centralized. This saves you a lot of time since you no longer need to log into multiple platforms. Everything that needs to be done in your warehouse is managed from Picqer, from purchasing, inventory booking, and location management to picking and shipping orders.

Information is automatically exchanged between programs with Picqer, eliminating the need for manual data entry. This prevents errors, speeds up your workflow, and creates a calm environment in your warehouse.

Multiple sales channels, one overview

Easily connect all your online stores to Picqer. This way, you can see at a glance what needs to be done in your warehouse. Additionally, Picqer streamlines warehouse processes and provides a uniform method for processing all your orders.

Real-time information

Picqer is online software, so every change is updated in real-time. Connect all your carriers and customer service tools to Picqer. This way, these tools automatically communicate with each other, ensuring you always work with up-to-date information.

Collaboration with other departments

With Picqer, everyone in your company quickly accesses all the necessary information. This way, your customer service can check the status of an order or return themselves, and the purchasing department can directly order stock without having to go to the warehouse.

Information at your fingertips

Access Picqer information anytime and anywhere via your PC, mobile, or tablet. You can view all warehouse information such as current stock, product details, purchase prices, and orders.

Elke locatie een eigen nummer in je magazijn

Location management

Never search your warehouse again with smart location management. With Picqer, you can see at a glance where a product is located and how much is in stock. You also have a handy overview of which locations are available for new inventory. This way, you never have to search your warehouse for an empty spot.

ABC classificaties

Optimal warehouse layout

Picqer helps you optimize your location layout. It tracks which products are picked the most and assigns them an A, B, or C label. Based on these labels, you can place products in the most efficient locations in your warehouse. This saves you time during the picking process.

Voorraad per locatie

Stock by location

Some products are stored in multiple locations within your warehouse. With Picqer, you can track stock levels for each product by location. For order picking, the product is reserved at a specific location, and only this location appears on the pick list. This way, your order pickers no longer need to search for a location with enough stock.

Smart purchasing

You want to have the right amount of every product in stock. Picqer helps with this by providing purchasing advice. The purchasing advice shows the quantities of products you can order from each supplier and allows you to turn the advice into a purchase order with a single click. There are three advice methods you can set per supplier:

  • Advice for backorders
    The quantity of products needed to fulfill all open backorders.
  • Advice for desired stock levels
    For products you want to keep in stock, it considers the reorder level and the desired stock level.
  • Advice including smart prediction
    The same as desired stock levels, plus advice to meet the expected demand for the product.
Producten picken bij Visdeal

"If we had started using Picqer three years earlier, it would have saved us a lot of manpower and errors, bringing much more peace to the company. The inventories are now better managed, customers receive what they ordered, and personnel costs are lower."

Willem Bontrup,

Improve with data

With the right data, you make informed decisions that help your store grow. Picqer's reports provide insights into the status and performance of your warehouse. You can see how your team is performing today and which products are selling the most. Base your decisions on the most up-to-date data and always have insights into improvement areas for your online store.

Rapportages overzicht in Picqer

Your warehouse at a glance

Having one tool integrated with all your software saves you a lot of time. You can see at a glance how your warehouse is doing. Want to know how Picqer can give you an overview of your warehouse? Try it yourself or talk to one of our experts.

  • Process orders 5x faster
  • Collaborate better with your team
  • Get control of your warehouse with one system
  • Seamlessly connect online stores & tools

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