What can Picqer do for your warehouse?

Picqer is easy-to-use online software for managing your warehouse. Custom made for ecommerce. Picqer helps you run your warehouse effective and efficient.

Picqer lets you ship orders 5 times faster. Even if you only ship 25 orders a day, that is over 500 hours a year! That is how Picqer pays for itself.

Product management in Picqer

Product management

With Picqer you have all your products in one place. You can manage product information as detailed as you wish, including multiple images per product. Picqer also knows which supplier to use, if there is a minimal amount you need to purchase and the weight of the product.

Of course you don't need to type in all that information yourself. Import product data easily from your ecommerce software, upload them from Excel or insert them via the API.

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Detailed stock history

Inventory management

Picqer knows exactly how many products you have and where they are. Not only at this moment in time, but also at every moment in history. Picqer keeps a detailed log of every stock change that happened. Automatically.

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Multi-channel-orders from Amazon, Magento and Shopify

Multi-channel order management

Almost every ecommerce business has multiple sales channels. But no worries. Picqer is fully designed for multi-channel orders. You just connect all your different webshops and market places to Picqer, and we give you 1 centralized place to manage your orders.

That is why we have turn-key integrations with the most used ecommerce platforms, an integrated B2B portal and you can create orders realtime via our API. And of course you can also create orders manually.

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Picklists with a clear process

Picking and shipping

Picking and shipping of orders is the most critical process in your warehouse. It has the biggest impact on customer satisfaction, while taking the most time. That is why we put a lot of effort in creating the best picking and shipping solution in the market.

Picqer guides you through the process of picking, packing and shipping your orders. It lets you know which products to pick, checks if you have the right products through the barcode scanner, and creates and prints your shipping label without touching your keyboard.

In the background Picqer will inform your customer about the shipment, informs your webshop and logs all inventory movements.

About picking and shipping

Purchase orders overview

Streamlined purchase process

Purchasing fresh inventory is not the most favorite task for ecommerce managers. That is why we made it as fast as possible to create your purchase orders and sent them to your suppliers.

Picqer gives you ready-made purchase advise, that you can convert to purchase orders and sent to your suppliers with a single click. And ones the inventory arrives, we help you place it in the warehouse and let all connected sales channels know their is new inventory ready for sale.

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Magento Lightspeed eCom (SEOshop) WooCommerce PostNL SendCloud MyParcel

Integrations and API

As cloud software, it is really easy to integrate other services with Picqer. We have plug-and-play integrations (free of use) for Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce and more.

Picqer also integrates with shipping services, like PostNL, SendCloud and Shippo.

And of course Picqer has an easy-to-use API as well, for creating your own integrations with Picqer.

About our integrations

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Easy to use

Did we already mention Picqer is easy to use? ;) Because it really is, promised.

There is no need for a 3-day training or expensive consultants. Picqer is easy to setup and the Picqer team is always eager to help you get started with Picqer. We can get you up and running today!

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