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Picqer helps you with every step in your warehouse

With Picqer in your warehouse you never stand alone. We support you in everything that has to happen inside your warehouse. From smart purchasing to processing and shipping your orders.

Picking and shipping in Picqer

With Picqer you save a lot of time at the most crucial step in your warehouse: shipping your orders quickly and safely.

Because of Picqer, you know exactly from where to pick a product. Use a barcode scanner to verify you have the right products and Picqer automatically prints the shipping label for you. Stick it on the box and your order is ready to be shipped with one of the well-known shipping services.

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Product management in Picqer

Picqer knows everything about your products and allows you to see them in a clear overview. You can see what the product looks like, from which supplier it came and how much the product weighs.

Picqer knows all this without spending hours of typing because of the easy integration with your webshop software. You can also easily edit in bulk with the Excel import.

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Inventory manegement in Picqer

Because of Picqer, you know exactly how many units of every product you have and where it is stored. So never again a quest in your warehouse. Every stock movement is meticulously logged.

Fully automatic.

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five star customer satisfaction

Increase your customer satisfaction

Picqer reduces mistakes in your warehouse by supporting you in every step of the process - from purchasing to shipping. This results in fewer returns and increased customer satisfaction.

Order management in Picqer

Do you receive your customer orders through multiple channels? Picqer easily connects with multiple webshops, market places and intranets at once.

The result: one overview of everything that has to happen in your warehouse.

Picqer has turn-key integrations with the most used e-commerce platforms, an integrated B2B portal and you can create realtime orders via our API. Of course you can also create orders manually.

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Purchasing in Picqer

Without buying there is no selling. That’s why the ready-made purchase advices of Picqer tell you exactly what you need to buy with each supplier. You can easily send your purchase orders from Picqer to your supplier.

Received your purchases? Register this with one click. Picqer ensures that your backorders are shipped in the right sequence.

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Integrating with Picqer

Picqer easily integrates all the important services of your webshop. Magento, Lightspeed, Shopify, Sendcloud, PostNL and many more are easily integrated in a matter of minutes.

Picqer also has an accessible API.

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So easy you can start immediately

At Picqer, we don’t believe in following courses to understand software. Picqer is easy and ready to use for everyone. The Picqer team helps you free of charge with setting up your Picqer account and connecting your webshops. All of this usually within one hour!

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Rules in Picqer

Everyone has seen it: a monitor full of sticky notes with tasks such as ‘orders heavier than 15 kilos are picked by John’. With Picqer that is a thing of the past. With Rules you can automate your workflow. Based on the content of an order or picklist you can have Picqer automatically perform certain actions.

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Paperless picking in Picqer

Introduce even more peace in your warehouse by working paperless. With Picqer Mobile you process orders completely paperless, except for the shipping label of course.

You can also easily register your purchase orders through the mobile app on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

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Personal demonstration

For every warehouse Picqer offers different benefits, that’s why we'd love to give you a personal demonstration of Picqer. In the demo we show you how Picqer works and answer all your questions.

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