Get in control of your warehouse

You start as a small webshop or wholesaler and are fully focused on sales and marketing. Good job! But a few months or years in, your sales grew so fast you now lost control of your warehouse. Or at least to many things are going wrong in your warehouse. We completely understand what your going through.

The next level

Are you managing your inventory with your webshop admin? Or maybe even with Excel or Google Docs? It is time to take it to the next level and get in control of your warehouse.

Picqer to the rescue

Let your warehouse breath again with Picqer. With our easy-to-setup and easy-to-use webapp, you get insights in how many inventory you have and where your products are. This information is real-time pushed to all your connected platforms, like your webshops. You also get 1 easy todo list for orders you need to ship. Based on the orders we import from all your webshops.

Picqer gives you all the information you need to make decisions. Like the amount of orders you need to ship and what products you need to purchase. And without having to retype any information.

Save time, grow faster

With Picqer ship orders 5 times faster, starting next week. This means you can grow your webshop faster, while getting more control over your warehouse.