Magento and Shopify integration

Magento Inventory ManagementWe have special integrations with webshops such as Magento and Shopify. With these integrations, your stock will automatically be synced and orders will automatically be imported into Picqer.


You can connect as many webshops as you like to Picqer. Also different types of webshops. This makes Picqer an ideal multi-channel order management solution. All your orders from your different sales channels are now managed from 1 todo list in Picqer.

Product import

Already have a filled webshop? Picqer can import all your current products, including stock information and images. After importing you will directly see your orders flowing into Picqer and you can pick and ship them.

Stock push

Whenever there is a change in your stock levels, Picqer will directly update all your connected webshops. Now all your webshops are always up-to-date.