Price tiers per productEvery customer is different, so not every customer gets the same prices. Wholesalers especially have a lot of different price tiers for different customers. And with Picqer you can easily keep track with Pricelists.

You can add as much pricelists as you want. For example for retail, export and consumer clients. For every product, you can enter a specific price per pricelist. Picqer will automatically use the right price on your orders.

Multiple pricelists per order

Per customer and per order you can select multiple pricelists. Picqer will automatically select the lowest price available. This way you can use pricelists for specific tiers in specific product segments, and select multiple pricelists per customer based on.

By customer or by order

Pricelists per orderSelect per customer which pricelists are in effect, and all its orders will automatically get the right prices. But you can also change the priceslists on a per order basis.

Client Portal shows right prices

Your customers can see the prices they are going to pay directly in their Client Portal. Just select the right pricelists on a customer level, and Picqer will take care of the rest.