The ABC analysis looks at which products you pick the most and then gives them an A, B or C label.

The 5% most picked products in the last 28 days get the A label, the 15% after that get the B label and the last 80% of the products get the C label.

In order to set up your warehouse as efficiently as possible, put A-labelled products in the best accessible locations. Products with a B label are placed in easily accessible locations and all other products in other locations. This way you make sure that you don't have to walk as far during picking.

The ABC analysis is performed automatically every week and looks back 28 days.

Product page

The A, B or C label will appear on the product page. This can be useful, for example, to move a product to a better location in the warehouse.


When registering a receipt, you will see the label on all A and B products, so you can register it directly at a suitable location.

Manually perform the ABC analysis

If for any reason you want to renew the ABC analysis immediately, you can do so manually.

In Picqer go to Settings > Product analysis

Click on Refresh ABC-analysis

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