Creating users in Picqer

Multiple users can work simultaneously with Picqer. This way, your co-workers, each with their own account, can work with Picqer at the same time.

The information in Picqer is always up-to-date and realtime, for all users.

Add new users

You can create new users quickly and easily in Picqer by choosing ‘Settings’ and click on ‘Users’. In the next screen you will see a list of the current users. You can add a new users by clicking the ‘+ New user’ button.

Manage and delete user accounts

It may happen that you want to edit or delete user accounts. This is possible by going to ‘Settings’ > ‘Users’. You will see a list of all the users. You can click on an user of your choice and go to ‘Edit’. Then select ‘No’ under ‘Active’. The user is now inactive and cannot log into Picqer anymore. You can also edit the User rights.

Only account-managers can change other users. To change your own settings, go to ‘Your settings’ in the right upper corner.

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