How to create API keys?

The Picqer API is a way for other software to connect with your Picqer account. For example, automatically check information, generate new orders or real-time stock change notifications.

Using the Picqer API requires an API key. This key provide access to the API, but cannot be used to login to the Picqer web app.

Attention: Only disclose your API key to people or companies you trust. An API key will give (automated) access to all of your personal details in your Picqer account. got trust issues with someone? Trust issues? API keys can be revoked easily.

Create API key

New API Keys can be created and revoked in the Picqer web app, in Settings > API Keys. Subsequently, click 'new API key'.

Name your key, so you remember its purpose. Next, click 'add API key'.

After the key is created a long string of generated characters will appear. This key will provide apps or programmers access until revoked.

Each Picqer account can add unlimited API keys and they do not count as a user. Please use a dedicated API Key per application, for security.

Revoke API key

API key accidentally leaked or no longer in use? You can easily revoke the key by clicking 'Revoke key'. In addition, you can refresh your keys regularly, if necessary.

Do you want to know more about the Picqer API? Feel free to have a look at our special API pagina for more information.

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