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How to setup Automatic Printing?

Picqer uses PrintNode to allow real time printing of picklists, packinglists and shipment labels on every printer.

Automatic printing is available from the Team plan.

When does Picqer print?

  • Picklists are printed when created. For example, after closing an order or processing a backorder.
  • Packingslists are printed immediately upon a picklist is closed.
  • Shipping labels are printed when a shipment is created.

Usually, documents are printed within seconds. However, the speed depends on how busy Picqer, PrintNode, your computer and printer are. Taking longer than expected? This issue may occur if the computer or printer settings are not correctly set. Please ask us for help.


We use PrintNode for automatic printing. This is a hosted printing service and support Windows and Mac. PrintNode provide communication between Picqer and your printer. In the following a quick set up guide for PrintNode will be described:

  • Sign up for PrintNode
  • In PrintNode go to the tab API and click “Make New API Key”; Enter a description and copy the Username for “API Version 3”
  • In Picqer, go to Settings > "Automatic printing" and add the PrintNode API key
  • Download the software and install PrintNode on a computer with access to your printers (PrintNode can be installed on multiple computers, with the same account)
  • Start PrintNode and login with your account

Choose printer

In Picqer, go to Settings > Automatic printing and specify which printer should print the picklists, packinglists and shipment labels. You can use multiple printers or choose to work with only one printer.

Printers by warehouse

While having different warehouses you might want a picklist to be printed in the relevant warehouse. Therefore, you can manually adjust these settings and this will override the standard settings.

Printers by user

You can also choose to adjust which printer should be used for printing packinglists and shipment labels. Because these are always user generated.