What is Picqer AutoSplit?

AutoSplit allows Picqer to ship orders from multiple warehouses.

For each order it is possible to determine which warehouse will ship that particular order. Based on your order, Picqer identifies the most efficient warehouse from which to pick and ship.

Preference for only 1 warehouse

Whenever one of your selected warehouses has all products in stock of a particular order, Picqer will always choose to ship the complete order from this warehouse to the customer.

Multiple warehouses with all products in stock of a particular order? Picqer designate the warehouse with the highest priority (lowest priority number) to ship this order.

When AutoSplit is switched off, Picqer will always choose to ship from 1 warehouse. Products out of stock will then be placed in the backorder.

Minimize number of warehouses

Not possible to ship from only one warehouse? Picqer will always minimize the number of warehouses that are used to ship the order.


Whenever direct and complete delivery of an order is not possible, Picqer will automatically create backorders. Likewise, these backorders are assigned to warehouses in the most efficient way possible.

Moment of calculation

The moment an order is placed, Picqer will automatically calculate which warehouse(s) will be used to ship this particular order in the most efficient way.

Switch on AutoSplit at a later moment

The moment AutoSplit is switched on (again), Picqer will automatically calculate the most efficient warehouse to ship from, at that particular moment.

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