B2C Europe CollectYourParcel setup

Picqer supports B2C Europe CollectYourParcel. The CollectYourParcel service offers access to nearly all available pickup locations in Europe.

In your webshop

We do not offer a solution to choose a pick up location in your webshop. This part you need to arrange yourself with B2C Europe’s wide range of solutions.

Each location has its own unique 'CYP ID'. Save this ID in your orders so that it can be used in conjunction with Lightspeed/Shopify/WooCommerce API.

Picqer's webshop connection

In Picqer add an 'New order field' in order to save the CYP ID. You can add a new order field at Settings > Order fields > New order field.


Moving on, go to your webshop links (Settings > Webshops) and click 'Edit'. The CYP ID you just created in Picqer is shown at the below of the screen. Subsequently, add a name we can find this field in the API of your webshop.

Own connection

Do you have an own connection between your webshop and Picqer? Please, make sure you add your CYP ID through API in the newly created order field.

Picqer's B2C Europe connection

  • Go to your B2C Europe connection (Settings > Shipping providers) and create a new shipping provider for CollectYourParcel.
  • Choose for Shipping Method: CYP - Collect Your Parcel
  • Select the order field you just created as "Order field CYP ID

Whenever you create a new order with this profile, Picqer will automatically transmit the CYP details of your webshop to B2C Europe so they can create the correct label.

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