Which barcode scanner should I use?

Prevent shipping an incomplete order or the wrong items to your customers ever again, use Picqer in conjunction with a barcode scanner. As pickers grab and scan the product, Picqer will autmatically confirm if the right product is picked.

The barcodes

Picqer recognize '1D' barcodes, such as used in supermarkets. Data recorded in the barcode can include information identifying the productcode, barcode or productcode of the supplier. In all three cases, Picqer will find the corresponding product.

HID scanners

Picqer only works with the so called 'HID' scanners. HID refers to Human Input Device, meaning that it works just like a keyboard.

Therefore, you can easily test if a scanner works with Picqer. Connect your scanner with your computer, open a text document and scan a barcode. The text of the barcode will now appear in your text document, followed by an Enter.

Picqer's advice

We have good experiences with the Zebra DS2278. This cordless handheld scanner allows you to scan as far as several hundred feet away from your computer. The scanner works perfectly with Mac and/or Windows in conjunction with Picqer.

Of course, Picqer is compatible with other HID scanners.

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