Change productcode

Product codes can change for several reasons. If the product itself does not change, we recommend to change the product code instead of doing a new import for this product. The history of the 'same' product will be lost when you inactivate old product codes and add new product codes. For example your order and stock history.

How do you change product codes?

You can easily change product codes (of products that are already in Picqer) by navigating to the product in Picqer. Click on 'Edit product' and adjust the product code. Make sure that you change the product code in your webshop at the same time. If you don't, the products in Picqer will no longer match the webshop. This results in incorrect stock levels in the webshop and 'duplicate' products in Picqer if the product is ordered from the webshop.

Change product codes in bulk

We can change large quantities of product codes for you upon request. For this we need an Excel file with the current product codes and new product codes. This does require some coordination in advance. For example because we have to update the product codes simultaneously in Picqer and the webshops. Updating the productcode in your webshop is something you do yourself. During this process, the link with the webshop(s) is temporarily inactive. This prevents problems with the import from new orders with the newly changed product codes in the webshop, while the change has not been implemented in Picqer yet.

What can you expect from us?

  • We adjust the product codes in Picqer at the agreed time
  • What can you do?

  • You temporarily disable the relevant webshop links (or we can do this for you)
  • You adjust the product codes in the webshops
  • As soon as the adjustments in Picqer and the webshops have been made, you activate the webshop links again
  • What do we need for this?

    1. An Excel sheet with two columns
      • Column A: the current product code
        Column B: the new product code
    2. Some coordination in advance with us about, for example, the time of day we convert codes and about making the links inactive

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