How to use Picqer's Client Portal as an end-user

When your supplier uses Picqer, you, as a customer, can log into a special portal. You can then see the products, current stock levels and outstanding orders. It is also possible to create new orders.

You cannot create an account by yourself. Only your supplier can create users for the portal. You will receive a username, password and a web address where you can access the client portal.


Once you are logged in, you will see the main dashboard. The dashboard is the home page of the client portal. Here your supplier can post additional information and explanation about howto use the portal. At the left hand side you will see the menu with the following options:

  • Products
  • Orders
  • Backorders
  • Current order
  • Sign out

In the left bottom corner you can see the current order.


Under ‘Products’ you can see the product catalog, made available by the supplier. This provides a new page that lists all products, made available by the supplier. If you can not find the product you are looking for, please contact your supplier.

You can browse through the products and use the search function. If you click on a product, you will see the details of the product. Depending on the information provided by your supplier, you will see the product information, the images, the price and the stock of the product.

Both from the product page and the product overview, you can add products to your current order. The green check mark with the number, indicates whether and how much of that product you already have in your current order.


Under ‘Orders’ you can find previous orders. Here you will find previously placed orders, both placed by yourself and your supplier. You can also view the order details and find out which products are already delivered.


Backorders are all order lines that are not delivered yet, due to insufficient stock levels. The supplier will reserve stock for the customer until all or some products of that order are back in stock.

Current order

You can directly place an order in the client portal. The advantage is that you can select the right product from the product range and also immediately see whether the products are in stock. The supplier only needs to check the order.

Ordering products works the same in the portal as ordering products in a webshop. Add the products to your order and when finished place the order. You can add extra information or comments for the supplier. You can also specify where the order should be delivered.

Log out

Once you are finished, you can log out. Now, others cannot acces your information anymore. Products in your current order will be saved until your next visit.

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