integration has a direct integration with Picqer, which enables you to create shipping labels with your Fietskoeriers account from within Picqer.

This integration has been developed by Please contact them directly if you have any questions at


To connect Picqer with you need an API key. You can request this by e-mail at Are you not yet a customer of Contact sales.

Linking shipping provider

Choose from the list and click on 'Connect'.

Enter the email address of your Dabba account and the API key you received from

Click on 'Save'

You have now connected Picqer with

Now we are going to add a shipping profile. You can create as many shipping profiles per carrier as you want for all combinations of settings you want to use in Picqer.

Add shipping profile

You can skip this step the first time

Click '+ Create shipping profile' at the top right

Fill in all fields here based on your preferences:

  • Choose at Package type for letterbox package or package based on your shipments
  • Choose your desired extra services, such as signature or extra security.

Click on 'Save'

Now that you have created a shipping profile, you can use to send packages.

If you want to use multiple shipping services, you can add multiple shipping profiles by clicking '+ New shipping profile' at the top right and repeating these steps.

What is supported?

With the integration you can register (letterbox)packages to zip code areas that support. also has support for tagging orders that fall within their zip code areas. There is also extra functionality for fulfillment users. Please contact for this.


For questions about the integration between Picqer and you can contact

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