Comments in the fulfillment portal

In Picqer it is possible to communicate between the fulfillment party and the fulfillment customer. When placing an order, both can place a comment to discuss any specifics.

Customer fulfillment comments

All comments the fulfillment client places in the portal are always visible to the employees of the fulfillment party.

Comments of the fulfillment party

When placing a comment, the fulfillment party can choose whether or not it should be visible in the fulfillment portal. In this way, the fulfillment party can keep internal communication to itself.

Notifications with a @mention

All comments can be found in the comments overview of the fulfillment portal. Picqer users can specifically mention the fulfillment customer in a comment with an @mention.

When the fulfillment client is mentioned in one or more unread comments, a blue label appears in the menu with the number of unread comments in which the fulfillment customer is mentioned. The unread comments are also marked with a blue background in the overview of all comments. After visiting the page where the fulfillment customer is mentioned, or clicking 'Mark as read', these comments are considered read and the blue label and background disappear.

For fulfillment customers it is also possible to receive an email notification of mentions. This way, it can be ensured that fulfillment customers do not miss any comments due to their absence in Picqer. The fulfillment customer is sent directly to the correct page via email to respond to the comment. This requires that an email address is known for the fulfillment customer. An email address can be added within Picqer for the fulfillment customer's account, but also by the fulfillment customer himself in the fulfillment customer portal. The email notifications are turned on by default for fulfillment customers, they can turn this off themselves.

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