Deactivate fulfillment customers

You can make fulfillment customers inactive when they are no longer needed. When you make a fulfillment customer inactive, Picqer will for this customer:

  • deactivate the webshops
  • deactivate the products
  • remove stock from the products
  • cancel backorders
  • cancel existing picklists
  • cancel concept orders
  • concel open purchase orders
  • deactivate webhooks
  • remove API keys
  • deactivate the fulfillment portal

The fulfillment customer is shown as an inactive customer in the overview of fulfillment customers. Reports from the fulfillment customer remain available.

Inactivate fulfillment customer

Navigate to the fulfillment customer you want to disable

Click in the upper right corner Deactivate

Picqer shows a confirmation screen with the consequences of this action

Bevestiging fulfilmentklant inactief maken

Confirm deactivating by clicking on Yes, deactivate this customer

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