How to import an Excel file into an order

When you create a new order via ‘+ New order’, you can add products by clicking ‘+ Add product’, however, you can also import products to your order from an Excel file. You can do this after saving the order as a concept order.

On the right, click ‘Import products’. Your Excel spreadsheet needs to include the productcodes (SKU’s) in one column, and in the next column the amount per product. If these two columns containt the right data, you can directly import the Excel file.

As the Excel file is imported, Picqer will display the following screen.

Select productcode and amount and click ‘Import products to this order’. Now, the products are added to your order. Be sure to click the ‘Save’ button.

You can (manually) add a note to your product, moreover, you can change the amount and/or price of the product.

Once your order is ready to process, you can click ‘Process order’ in the right upper corner. Stock is reserved, and Picqer automatically checks if it is possible to create a picklist. When products are not in stock, a backorder is created.

Importing products from an Excel spreadsheet is also available in the client portal. This way, your customers can easily add products to their existing orders.

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