Lightspeed eCom Picqer synchronisation app

With the official Picqer app in the Lightspeed App store, you can let Lightspeed and Picqer synchronize automatically. This will save you a lot of time.

What does the app do?

The app in the Lightspeed App store configs the synchronization settings automatically. After that configuration, the app synchronizes the following data:

  • All stock changes in Picqer will automatically be pushed to your Lightspeed. So after a delivery from your supplier, your stock levels in your Lightspeed will be automatically updated.
  • All paid orders in Lightspeed, will be imported into Picqer automatically. After that synchronization you can process your orders in Picqer.

Importing products

Note: Picqer can only import products that have a unique SKU in Lightspeed. This is not a mandatory field in Lightspeed, so check your products prior to importing them.

There are three ways products can be pulled from Lightspeed to your Picqer account.

  • You can put the same products you have in Lightspeed into Picqer yourself. This can be done with our Excel import, manually enter all the information, or maybe you already have your products in Picqer. If the product code (SKU) is the same in both Picqer and Lightspeed, the product will be linked automatically.
  • With every order, all the missing products from that order will be imported automatically. So if you have a new product in Lightspeed, which is not yet entered into Picqer, this product will be imported automatically on the first order this product appears on.
  • In Picqer at the Lightspeed settings, there is also a button ‘Import products’. If you press this button, Picqer will import all products from Lightspeed into Picqer. This can take a while depending on the amount of products, but this process works in the background until all products are imported.

With method 2 and 3, Picqer will also import all product images you have in Lightspeed. Also the current stock levels in Lightspeed will be imported into Picqer as a base level.

Which orders will be imported?

Orders in your Lightspeed needs to have a certain state before Picqer will import them. The states underneath can be imported. Within Picqer, but can not already be send (state processing_awaiting_shipment):

  • Import only paid orders
  • Import all orders (inclusive not paid orders)
  • Import all orders that are eligible to ship (exclusive paid en cash on delivery)
  • We only import orders that are changed in the last 12 hours. For example a change of the status from not-paid to paid. Therefor it can happen that there will be no orders to import right after you install the app, because there are no recent orders in the right state. As soon as there is a new order with the right status, it will be imported into Picqer.

    Installation instructions

    In your Lightspeed back office you go to the ‘App store’ and choose the app ‘Picqer’. Click on ‘Install app’. Then you get the screen underneath.

    Fill in your username and password of your Lightspeed back office. Click Next.

    Next you get an overview of the rights the Picqer app needs. To approve our app, click on 'Grant access'. You are now redirected to Picqer.

    Here you can choose to open a new Picqer account, or to link it with your existing Picqer account. Input the sub domain of your Picqer account and click 'Log in'.

    If you are not logged in yet in Picqer, you get the login screen. If you already were logged in, you won't see this step.

    After logging in (or if you already were logged in), you get this message that your shop is connected successfully. From now on new orders will automatically be imported into this Picqer account.

    If you want to import all your Lightspeed products into Picqer, you can click in this screen on ‘Import products’.

    Read only setting

    If you only want to see how Picqer imports your orders and products and you do not want Picqer to make changes to your Lightspeed, you can change the settings to ‘Read only’. If that setting is set to ‘Yes’, Picqer will only get information from Lightspeed, but will not push any information back.

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