Printing labels for locations

To mark your locations you can print location labels directly from Picqer. This shows the location number and a barcode of the location. You can easily scan the barcode in Picqer Mobile to find the location.

Locatielabel met barcode

Set up the printer

At Settings > Printers, you can choose a printer at the bottom to use for product labels and location labels.

Printer instellingen

Size of labels Enter the width and height in millimeters of your labels in your label printer, the content of the label is based on these dimensions

The other settings do not apply to location labels.


If a printer is selected for location labels, you will see a button on the location page to print labels.

Locatie labels printen

If needed, you can change the printer to print the labels and give the amount of labels you want to print.

Locatie labels printen

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