Importing fields from Magento 1

Picqer imports as many data as possible from the webshop, to fill the default fields in Picqer. Sometimes you'd like to import more data to Picqer. This is possible by linking extra fields.

Linking fields in Picqer to Magento

Each product field or order field you add in Picqer is able to be linked to a field in Magento. This way, during an import, Picqer tries to fill these fields with product or order data from your shop.

There are some default fields in Picqer that are not automatically linked to a field in Magento, because a default Magento shop doesn't contain these fields. You can still link these fields if your Magento shop does have this data available.

The default linkable fields are:

  • Barcode
  • Customer remarks
  • Fixed stock price
  • Supplier
  • Productcode supplier

Setting up the link

You will see a text input to the right of every field, when editing your webshop settings in Picqer. You can fill this field with the name of the Magento attribute. So if you have an attribute 'costs' in Magento for the purchase price of a product, you can type 'costs' in the text input to the right of 'Fixed stock price'. Picqer will import the value of costs into the fixed stock price in Picqer.

Magento link a field

If the Magento field is a dropdown, you will need to define the name of the field as follows:


In this string, '81' is the id of the attribute and 'manufacturer' is the name of the attribute. You can find this on the details page of an attribute, via Catalog -> Attributes -> Manage attributes. See the picture below.

Magento attribute details

Widely used order fields

These are the most commonly used order fields, that are imported to Picqer. This way you can supplement the order information in Picqer with data from the webshop;

  • shipping_description: Name of the used shipping method
  • shipping_method: Module name of the used shipping method
  • coupon_code: Used coupon code
  • payment.method: Used payment method
  • increment_id: Magento's order number
  • onestepcheckout_customercomment: Customer remarks (only if One Step Checkout is enabled)
  • shipping_incl_tax: Shipping costs, including tax

Widely used product fields

Most common for the product is to import the name of the supplier to Picqer. Usually the field 'manufacturer' is used in Magento. This is a dropdown field and therefor differs from shop to shop. This field is linked as described above.

Other fields

Extensions or custom changes to Magento often add extra fields to the shop. In some cases these can be imported to Picqer as well. In other cases your developer might be able make these available to import for us. Please let us know if you would like to import certain data, but you don't see this among the widely used fields above. We can always send you an overview of the data your shop currently makes available through it's API.

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