Magento 1 Order Pusher extension

The integration between Picqer and Magento can work without a plugin. Picqer pulls new orders out of your Magento webshop every 15 minutes.

With the Picqer Order Pusher extention for Magento, new orders will directly be imported to Picqer when an order is placed.

Activating the exention

Connect Picqer with Magento in the usual way.

Download the Picqer Order Pusher extention and install this in your Magento webshop.

Log into your Magento admin and navigate to System > Configuration > Picqer / Webhooks

Configurate your desired settings here.

Put Active on Yes to activate the extention.

Choose at Order state to push for the value Processing. This is the state of your order, so Picqer knows that it may be delivered.

You find the Connection key in Picqer under Settings > Webshops > your Magento shop. You copy this and paste it in this field.

Picqer domain is the prefix of your domain name. If you for example log in on, then you fill in 'test' here.

That's it. From now on your orders (with the set status) are directly passed on to Picqer.

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