Magento 1 PostNL extension for PakjeGemak

The Picqer PostNL add-on for Magento is only available for Magento 1. For Magento 2 you don't need an extention.

With the Picqer PostNL add-on for Magento, you can let customers choose a delivery day and a PostNL pickup point in your Magento checkout. Picqer then automatically creates the right PostNL shipping label when processing the picklist.

You are now able to give your customer the option to choose how and when his order will be delivered, without extra work in your warehouse!

This is how it works

This Magento extention works together with TIG PostNL Extension for Magento. The TIG extension provides extra shipping options in your Magento checkout, and the Picqer extension ensures that this information is transferred to Picqer.

If an order has been selected by the customer for a PostNL shipment, Picqer will automatically transfer all choices to Picqer. As a result, Picqer makes exactly the right shipment for PostNL.


You need this before you can use this extension:

  • Connected Picqer to your PostNL account
  • Connected your Magento webshop to Picqer


Install the TIG PostNL Extension for Magento in your Magento webshop.

Download the latest version of the Picqer PostNL add-on and install this in your Magento webshop.

In Picqer, go to your webshop settings and put "Picqer PostNL extension installed" on Yes.

Picqer now knows that your Magento webshops posseses the extension and will from now on copy all necessary order information for new orders from Magento.

Go to your PostNL shipping carrier in Picqer and add a profile where you select the desired products for all different PakjeGemak options.

  • Product code NL: For normal PostNL daytime shipment for the next day, or for a specific day in the coming week.
  • Product code NL Evening: Is for PostNL evening shipments on a specific day. In most cases only on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  • Product code NL Pakje Gemak: Is for when the customer wants to pick up the package at a PakjeGemak point.
  • Product code NL Parcel Machine: If the customer has opted for a package machine. The customer always receives an SMS with a code to use the machine, which is why the mobile number is mandatory in Magento.
  • Product code EU: For when a customer gives an EU address, they cannot choose to pick up and this product is always chosen.
  • Product code Global: If a customer specifies an address outside the EU, they cannot opt for collection and this product is always chosen.


Do you have questions about the TIG PostNL Extension for Magento? Then you can contact PostNL

Do you have questions or do you need support with the Picqer extension or with Picqer? Mail

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