New sounds while scanning

If you are using barcode scanners in Picqer, you'll be familiar with the sounds you'll hear while scanning. They are now even clearer and more reliable.

What are the scanning sounds?

The scanning sounds provide a clear audio feedback while scanning barcodes. This way you'll know if your scan succeeded, or if something went wrong. Due to this audio feedback you can work efficiently, without having to check the screen.

Why did the scanning sounds change?

The new scanning sounds for scanning barcodes have been developed with two principles in mind:

  • Reliability
    The sounds should play, even if your internet connection is momentarily interrupted.
  • Clarity
    You can now hear the difference between the 'good' and 'bad' sound even better.

What does it sound like?

We'll be enabling the new sounds gradually. Once the new sounds are activated for you, you'll see a message in Picqer. From then on you'll hear the new scanning sounds.

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