How to use orderfields

When creating an order in Picqer some fields are required to submit. You can also add custom fields. With custom order fields you can add additional information to an order. In this article we explain you how.

You can create and manage extra fields for orders in Picqer by going to Settings, and select ‘Order fields’. This page will display all custom order fields. You can add a new order field by clicking ‘+ New order field’.

Give your new order field a title, choose the type and, if necessary, add values. Make sure, you use one value per row, Picqer sees every row as one single value.

It is also possible to add a required field. When you make a field required, people must enter a value to the field in order to submit their order. In addition, you can choose to show this field in your client portal. Finally, choose if your order field is visible on your picklist, shipping list and/or order confirmation.

After editing your custom order field, click ‘Save’. The order field is added to Picqer.

As soon as you create a new order in Picqer or your client portal, this order field is visible under ‘Custom fields’.

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