Using Picqer's Purchase Advice

Based on your stock, Picqer will provide you with a purchase advice. You can directly create a purchase order with this advice, this way you keep your inventory up to date.

Purchase orders

Through the ‘Purchase order’ tab you can get an easy overview what to purchase from your suppliers. The ‘Purchase advice’ is based on your current stock, outstanding backorders, other purchase orders, desired stock levels, purchase limits and minimal order quantities. You can view the purchase advice for all suppliers or for every supplier individually.

While on the Purchase advice page, choose ‘create purchase order from this advice’. Picqer will create a purchase order, based on the given advice.

Do you want to create a purchase order, without using a purchase advice? Click on the ‘Purchase orders’ tab and choose ‘+ New purchase order’ in the right upper corner.

Fill in the information and add the products you want to purcahse and click 'Save'. Your purchase order is created.

Product quantity of your purchase order

There are settings per product to enhance Picqer's purchase advice, like desired amount or maximum stock amount. You can also specify when Picqer need to re-order a product and how many Picqer needs to purchase. Backorders are taken in account as well.

Let's take a look at an example. Imagine, we have the following products for a purchase order:

  1. Secrid Standard NP4 Efficient L: free stock -12, purchase at amount 0, maximum amount 20.
  2. Nikon Coolpix L830 XL: free stock -12, purchase at amount 0, no maximum amount set
  3. Nikon D3200 + 18-55mm: free stock -12, purchase at amount 10, maximum amount 20.

For product 1. and 3. a maximum stock amount is set. Therefore, Picqer advices to purchase 32 products (12 products backorder + 20 products maximum amount = 32 products).

Product 2. only has a purchase at amount set. In this case, Picqer will advice to purchase 12 products (12 products backorders + 0 products purchase at amount = 12 products).

By default, Picqer sets the purchase at amount to 0 and there is no maximum stock amount set, as shown for product 2. In practice, this means that if there is a backorder for 12 products, the purchase order also counts 12 products. If you do not manually change the product quantity in your purchase order, you can only process your backorders after receipt of the purchased products. Because, after processing your backorders, your stock will be 0 again.

New order with the same product? Picqer will create a backorder. The order will remain in backorder, until the product stock is sufficient again.

Finalize purchase order and register receipt

Whenever your purchase order is finalized you can find it back in the purchase orders list. The moment you receive the goods, you can easily go to the relevant purchase order and register the receipt. You can register the receipt per product, or all at once. Next, you can process your backorders. The status of your purchase order will change to ‘Received’.

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